Friday, September 10, 2004

First day of school

The kids started school on Wednesday. I always hate the start of school. Actually I hate school ALL year! I don't like having to live on a schedule. I don't like having to force the kids to do homework after being in school for 6+hrs. I don't like having my kids gone all day.

I will say though that these last few days have been going well. I don't have anything ready ahead of time like I wanted to do. But I'm managing to stay ontop of everything. (even the 20 odd forms I had to sign and/or fill out on Wed night!) I even have them fed before 7pm which is a HUGE change here.

I have some pictures of the second trip kids (we have 2 bus runs in our district. Older kids go first, younger ones go second) Unfortunately I have no idea where my camera is at the present time. I'll have to do an investigation in the morning.

Tom took tomorrow and all of next week off (although he may go into work some days next week). He'd heard it was going to be a great weekend and wanted him and I to go camping. I couldn't go because the weekend after Labor Day is the weekend I watch my sister's girls. (she goes to a car show in Lake George). Well my sister called tonight and the girls aren't coming out. My parents will have them all weekend, seeing as they're not going along. (my parents usually go with my sister)

At 10pm tonight we decided we WILL go camping. I haven't really done anything to get ready, but it shouldn't take long. I have to go to the grocery store in the morning, although I could go right now. But I won't. We have to wait until Pat gets home from his courses anyways. He needs to babysit Olivia. If we play our cards right though, we should be out of here by noon. I hope the weathermen are right!!! I'd hate to get up there and end up wet and freezing!!!

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