Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hi Tom, Bye Tom

Tom and the boys came home on Sunday just before we got home from church. By the sounds of it they had a great time! I'm so glad that my SIL D suggested it. It's hard for Tom to take the boys away from school for something fun. He's adamant that school come first, most of the time.

I didn't stick around too long Sunday evening. I dropped the kids home, said hi to the guys and then took off to take my MIL home in the city and go grocery shopping. I rode with D and we had a good time. Me, D, MIL and Tom's brother J went to a chinese buffet for dinner. It was hard to sit there and "waste" time but it was nice to sit and talk with everyone. Sitting down to eat though meant that we didn't get home until afer midnight. By the time I got my groceries in the house it was almost 1am. I was BEAT on Monday morning....I think my age is showing (I use to always go grocery shopping after the kids went to bed...9pm and get home at 3am...next morning I would function normally).

Monday I did end up getting some things on my todo list done so that felt good. It didn't involve the house too much though which was really needed. It was too nice not to do outside stuff!!! I cleaned up the front flower garden, dug up the glads and planted the irises and plants my dad brought out a few weeks ago. PHEW! I did NOT want those to die before I got them planted...like has happened a for a few years in a row. My dad's worked too hard to grow and get me these plants!! I should call him, I'm sure he's probably still wondering if I allowed them to rot/die.

Tom went back camping today. He borrowed the guy next door's canoe and headed off to Stillwater Res by himself. I'm not too thrilled. It's not that he went off by himself. It's that he's canoeing on that HUGE lake by himself. It lies East and west which means that the winds make it pretty choppy most days. I wouldn't be comfortable canoeing on it at all. So now I sit here and wonder if everything is ok until Thursday night when he gets home...or Friday day...depending on how the weather is Thurs night.

Drew didn't go to school today. Pat misunderstood him and took the books they share. This meant that Drew didn't have the work he'd done (it was in the book). Personally I think Drew is just in a real deep low time. It's one of the worst ones he's been in in a looong time. I wish Tom would fill out the forms so we could add Drew to our medical insurance. I really think that he needs to be seen NOW! Drew and I have talked about the possibilty of him being bipolar. He didn't really respond too much but he didn't fight it or deny it like Tom does...so that's a good thing. I'm just hoping nothing big happens while Tom is away, I'd hate to have him come home to find Drew not here permanently (yes, it's THAT bad) and it all be my doing.

While Drew was in a bad mood, he's also full of energy. He used all of it to clean and rearrange the livingroom. It's the second time he's done this in less then a month. LOL It looks nice but Drew is not being nice toward the "slobs". Seems I'm reminding him it's not his place all the time. Reminded him if he didn't want to let it go...then he shouldn't do the job to begin with. It's exhausting!! Him working has set me working though. I vacuumed a good portion of the daddy longlegs and cobwebs down, wish you could vacuum fly poop down too. I'm going to have to scrub the walls down. It'd probably just as easy to paint them! LOL

Liz had a friend H come over to go swimming. I was surprised that her mom let her come over on a school night. I'm also surprised that she's allowed her to stay this late (yes, she's still here...they are going for one last swim). She's a sweet girl who's parents always came across as pretty strict (protective) to me. I'm wondering what kind of an earfull they'll get when H goes home.

It's bugging me that I haven't been organized enough to get the kids clothes ready for school the night before they're needed. I really wanted to get a whole weeks worth done on Sunday...but right now I'll take the night before! Good thing it's a late chat night...makes it easier to do a bunch of laundry. I'll just have to remember to break away from it every hour or so, so I can swith the loads. Time flies in that chatroom usually!

Well time to get kids ready for bed. At least THAT isn't going too bad and everyone is getting up without a huge fight. Hopefully it stays like that...but I'm not counting on it.

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