Friday, September 10, 2004

Change of plans again and again

Within an hour of my last post here my plans changed. I went to get ready for bed only to realize....AF is here. I was hoping it'd wait until Monday like it should have. I am NOT going primitive camping (dig your own latreen, no running water) with the old hag along. Tom decided to go anyways and take Olivia along.

Until....Olivia woke up in the morning and started crying when she realized that leaving mom and going bye bye with just daddy was going to be a reality. I was trying to talk her into going when my SIL, D, called. She suggested to Tom that it'd be a great idea and total fun to yank Luke and Jake out of school and take them. So that's what we did!!! They left here about noon.

Pat is not happy. Tom took the Olds instead of the bus. He was going to relent and take the bus but it wouldn't start after going to school and getting the boys! UGH!!!!!!! Luckily I have Drew and the Saturn here so I can go grocery shopping without worry of getting stuck somewhere. Unfortunately for Drew though...his driver door isn't fixed yet, still bungie closed and sometimes tries to fly open. We'll have to get that done next week.

Well off to get some shopping done.

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