Sunday, September 12, 2004

In the mind of a disorganized tons of kids mom

In other words...why the Salsa didn't get done today...

Get up and sit at the computer with a cup of coffee.
Wave as kid #2 walks out the door to a field hockey game.
Think about what needs to be done today.
Watch kid #1 and #5 walk out the door to work at church for the day.
Decide to pick the tomatoes and make salsa.
Look around the house at everything else that needs to get done.
Do all the jobs in my head at least once.
Think about going downstairs, digging out the canning jars, cleaning and sterilizing them.
Mention to the kids standing near you that you need to do it.
Hope someone volunteers and realize no one will.
Look around the kitchen and decide the kitchen table needs to be cleaned off before you can start.
Realize the sink needs to be emptied so you can put the breakfast dishes into need to do the dishes first.
Take a potty break.
Change the water in the goldfish's tank while you're in the bathroom.
Spray down the sink and polish it.
Look for the shower cleaner so you can clean the DISGUSTING shower that mostly Pat uses. Give up after not finding it.
Decide to have another cup of coffee.
Allow kid #4 to spend the night at friend's house.
Sit at the computer and check the boards
Redo all the jobs in your head again.
Throw laundry in, thinking you'll hit the dishes next.
Go into livingroom and start picking up the floor, complaining that everyone's a slob!
Drive kid #3 to friend's house.
Check pool (it looks BEAUTIFUL BTW)
Decide the tomatoes aren't going to pick themselves and go out to the veggie garden.
Eww each time your thumb goes into a half rotten tomato.
Grumble that it wasn't worth your time....the tomatoes are pathetic, orange or rotten on the vine.
Take the tomatoes in the kitchen.
Look at the dishes still sitting in the sink.
Turn around and go back out the kitchen door, climb the pool deck stairs.
Sit on pool deck while kids #7, 9 and 10 go swimming.
Yank kids from pool.
Go in basement to find soup for dinner...can't find the kind everyone wants.
Remind yourself you NEED to go grocery shopping when you get a reliable car.
Empty dehumidifier.
Switch laundry, throw in another load.
Start dinner.
Check boards and eat dinner.
Sit on couch and work a math puzzle.
Watch TV with the 3 kids
Pick up #3 at friend's house, passing kid #2 as you go out the door.
Decide it's too late to make so much noise washing dishes. Put it off for tomorrow.
Put kids to bed
Switch laundry, throw in another load.
Look at sink again as you get to the top of the stairs and shake your head in unbelief.
Get on computer and post in blog.
Find out how kid #1 and #5 do at church today. Talk about tomorrow a bit (don't mention dishes)
Send kids off to bed, continue writing.

It's not easy being me!!! Things would be so much easier if I was telekinetic! Hmmm...maybe I should be working on that in my spare time. I'll have to look online to see if I can find exercises and.....

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Chris said...

And this day was atypical how? LOL
I have btdt more times than I want to remember. Some days I feel like I am constantly busy, but have nada to show for it at the end of the day.

I am actually watching my dh vacuum out the couch and trying to not feel guilty about all the days I said I was going to do it but never got around to it! LOL