Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Monday....A day at the beach with friends

On Monday we went to Fair Haven State Park for the day. A few of the families from our church went up there also. We had a lot of kids running around!!! (lost count at 61 last time I tried) I don't think we had one fight/disagreement though.

It was another great day (was a great weekend weatherwise actually!!!) With it in the high 70s and a little windy. We got to the beach a little late...3pm. It was sad when they closed the beach, knowing it was the last time it would be open for the year. I do NOT want summer vacation to be over!!!! School starts on Wednesday and I am NOT ready, although I'm sure everyone will be dressed and have supplies when they walk out the door that morning.

I tried to forget how close it was til the start of school. One of the dads tried to point out how far away it was by saying it was 40hrs away, then how many minutes that was, seconds, etc. I threatened to dig a huge hole in the sand and bury him head first if he didn't STOP!!! LOL I have a few cute pictures but don't feel I can share them as the kids in the pictures aren't all mine.

I tried to make it as easy for myself as I could, instead of dinner I packed a bunch of snacks....pretzels, apples, veggies and dip, banana bread. When we got home at 8:30 I threw some frozen meatballs into some spaghetti sauce and we had meatball subs at 9. YUM!!!! I had been dying for them and they were just as delicious as I imagined them to be! I wouldn't mind having another one right now. ;o)

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