Thursday, September 23, 2004

Update.....I think

I have NO idea why I haven't been able to get into here and post. It's not bloggers fault, but mine. As things happen I think....OH! There's one for the blog! Then I think about posting and nothing comes to me. Guess my life is just boring right now. Seems my nights are filled with feeding kids, running them around and making sure my...ooops I mean their homework is done.

For all the time I'm not in here, you'd think my house would be benefitting from it....not so. I use to blame my time on the computer for the downfall of my house. I know now that if it wasn't the computer, it'd be something else. Whether it be reading, tv, number and word puzzles or video games. Yesterday I made the mistake of checking out Drew's Final Fantasy X game. WOW!!! That thing is watching a movie. Unfortunately it takes a LOT longer then any movie ever made. Yes you can save, leave and come back to it later....but who wants to. So all my best laid plans were dashed in an instant.

Today I've vowed to NOT get on the PS2 and to be quick online (yeah, famous last words...there is NO quick in my online world). Then get some work done around here. I really need to go grocery shopping but should probably clean out the fridge before I put anything new into it. So that'll be put on hold until Friday morning. I won't write what jobs I plan to do because I'll just get depressed if I don't get them done. I'm sure I'll post tonight or tomorrow bragging if I do get anything done! LOL

Tom's on call this week. Poor guy got called out about half an hour after we went to sleep. He did make it back home so he could get a little sleep, but I'm sure he's dragging today. Funny thing is...Right before bed I'd mentioned that I was surprised he hadn't gotten any calls all week. Me and my big mouth! Oh well at least there'll be a few hours OT in his paycheck.

Tomorrow we're expecting a load of stone for our driveway. So I'll have my work cut out for me this weekend. Who the time the driveway is restoned, maybe I'll have some nicely shaped arms. Sore back is probably more like it. I just hope this solves the getting out of the driveway in the snow problem. It's not fun having to push vehicles out at 6am almost everyday there's snow in the driveway (which is a LOT of days!!!).

Seeing as I'll be doing a new grocey shopping trip today or tomorrow. I'm thinking it might be a good time to start my food blog. I've always worked hard to feed my family for little money but lately I've fallen by the wayside in that department. With the holidays coming up and some major bills....I need to get back to my old ways. I figure what better way then to keep a blog and hold myself accountable. I'd also like it so I can get a TRUE picture of how much it costs to feed this crew...not just what I spend each payday (so I'll figure in what I use from the pantry, freezer, extra runs to the store, etc). I'd do it on paper but I always seem to lose track of my notebook or someone claims it as their own. So I figured I'd do it online where I can't misplace it or have it overtaken by a crayon yielding 4yo. Knowing it's of little interest to anyone else, I've decided to make a separate blog for it.

Oh rats! I just realized that I can't go grocery shopping tomorrow morning...I have to wait for the crushed stone to be delivered!!! UGH! Looks like I better plan on blowing my friday night at the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping on Friday, but at least it's better then Saturday.

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Kathy said...

I hope you are going to share the food blog with us too:-). I love getting other peoples ideas. I already noted your meat balls in sauce in the slow cooker for a quick meal. Something so simple, and so yummy and yet I never thought of it.

I love getting any frugal ideas too:-)