Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I have a BROOM!

LOL! Yes the pathetic broom deprived housewife has a new broom. I stopped on the way home from my niece's birthday party. When the 4 girls and I walked into the store the clerk made the comment...Oh! The school bus stopped here tonight. Olivia reminded me...we didn't bring the school bus tonight?! LOL We ended up in the clerk's line when checking out. She mentioned how beautiful my 4 girls were and that she couldn't image what it was like with 4 girls. I was stifling a little giggle when Eileen said...we have 6 girls! Big huge bug eyes look at me. Carrie adds...and 4 boys. Mouth hangs open and the NO WAYs start. I assure her they aren't pulling her leg and told the age range. I am then branded a superwoman, a notion I put to death immediately. So then I was relegated to a super busy woman. LOL

The problem with the broom is that it requires someone to use energy to put it to work! I did manage to dig out from under the livingroom furniture. It always amazes me at how much STUFF can be found under there. Between the hardwood floors allowing everything to slide around the floors and the green leather furniture not having a skirt along the bottom. It's a prime hiding spot for anything dropped. Looking over toward the furniture now I can see things sticking out from under it already! UGH!!! Luckily the furniture moves easily.

I think I've done most of what I wanted to get done with the groceries I bought on Friday. Saturday I threw chicken thighs into both of my crockpots (neither of which is big enough to feed my family). One I made BBQ for sandwiches, the other I added Taco seasoning for fajitas. The fajita batch ended up a little too mushy for my liking, but we'll survive. I also cut up and made 8 loaves of garlic bread. We ate two last night, the other 6 are in the freezer (so have 3 meals). I was wanting more!!! I could eat a whole loaf myself. *oink*

Today was a half day for the K-8 graders. Tomorrow the high schoolers will have the half day. I let the elementary kids stay home. They only have 2hrs of class which just seems stupid to me. Between getting ready for school and riding the bus it takes as long to get there and back as they are in class. Liz went because she has 3hrs of classes and they have block scheduling. If she missed today she wouldn't have been in those classes for a week (she was absent on Friday due to a headache). Carrie went because she was absent last Wed and has already missed 2 mornings of Sunrise Scholars (before school reading program).

I allowed Luke to stay home even though he had 3hrs of classes because I can see the frustration of school starting to show. He's had a 3 or 4 nights of detention for not having work done. He's complaining that the teacher is listing assignments that he actually completed on time. I know of one instance where it's happened but he also had unfinished stuff listed for that day too. I'm starting to think I might have to call the teacher to see what's up. I check his agenda planner every day, even if he insists he has all his work done. I thought he was actually doing well!

Eileen did MUCH better this week with her spelling test. She had 6 right plus the bonus. YEAH! We still have a lot of work do to but it's coming along. Sometimes I wonder why I bother sending them to school if I have to work with them so hard at home. But I also know that my procrastinating, lazy, softie self wouldn't get the work out of them that I feel I'd need to. Some are selfmotivated...like Liz but they're not the ones that I have to provide so much extra effort with.

Kids are home! Time for lunch!


ma said...

WTG Eileen!

I hear you on the lazy softie self. I think its the hardest thing about homeschooling lol

Lisa said...

I'm with ya'. It seems like I have to do as much school at home as they do at school. But I KNOW we'd all hate each other if I really home schooled. If I want to strangle them after homework I can imagine if I was in charge of all learning.