Thursday, September 02, 2004

I've been shopping and now I am SORE!

I'm not really sure why though. Yes, I went on a 8hr shopping trip today but I usually take 5-6 hrs to go grocery not too out of my norm. I forgot some important things because I never got to Wal-Mart, so I'll have to head back out eventually. UGH! I think I ran out of money (that's what I get for keeping a running tab in my head and not on paper) So I'll have to crunch some numbers in the morning and see what's doable and what's not.

I did manage to get Michelle and Carrie's sneaks bought. I even managed to buy myself some new clothes!!! Something I don't like to do and don't normally do. I bought myself two things I haven't purchased in YEARS!!! A pair of shorts. Last time I bought those was in the spring of '97. I'd bought them to wear for pjs in the hospital with Carrie. I figured it wasn't any too modest to have my undies peeking out at the nurses from under my covers while I slept. I also bought a pair of PANTS!!! I haven't had a pair of those in over 13yrs. So I now own a pair of pants. They aren't slack pants, they're like activewear. A step or two above sweats, loosefit...not clingy like leggings. And the other thing....they are RED! I don't buy red for myself too often. It was nice to feel good while trying things one. I couldn't pass up the deals...they had a huge rack of plus size clothing that was 70% off the lowest marked price. (didn't know it but I got another 15% off the end price for some reason) I got a whole outfit for $10.73!! It's a nice long black poly skirt for $4.33 and a pink with black trim layered twin set for $6.40 (most expensive thing I bought for myself). The shirt is similar to pockets or belt...solid pink. I think my camera is in Drew's room...that's my guess at least. If I find it tomorrow I'll post a pic of me wearing the outfit...I think.

After clothes shopping we went grocery shopping...which is a whole other topic. Like I said earlier I didn't get to WM to get some regular things, but I also didn't get to Save-a-Lot for regular cheap stuff like canned olives, ketchup, hotdogs and such. I think that's why I'm feeling like I didn't get too many groceries. Although I did spend a little more then what I'd figured I would. I went to Sam's Club and Price Chopper. Just with what I bought I now have 13 meat dishes in the refrigerator/freezer. Here's what I bought....

6.5 lbs of 93% ground made into 3+lbs of sloppy joes, two baggies of cooked ground for chili, one for stroganoff.

2 Beef bottom roasts. One in the crockpot as I type turning into BBQ beef sandwiches, the other in the freezer waiting to be cooked and made into beef and gravy with mashed potatoes (although I might just keep it a roast if I get lazy)

A porkloin roast which has been cut up into thirds. Biggest section is in the freezer with Teriyaki BBQ sauce marinade, next biggest will be a roast/pork sandwiches, smallest will be stirfry or pork and gravy with stuffing.

Whole boneless black forest ham cut into thirds. Most of it will be a ham dinner with boiled cabbage from our garden. Have a section already diced...ready to be used in scalloped potatoes. Last section is waiting to be used in some ham and cheese rollup or ham and eggs with homefries.

6lb bag of meatballs...not the greatest in the world but tolerable. Half will be meatball subs (which I've been dying for!) Other half will be used with spaghetti and sauce.

Well I have just found my head resting on the computer desk and I almost fell out of my chair. If there is more to talk'll have to wait!!

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