Sunday, July 27, 2008

The deed is done

I decided I needed to move the chicks into the main coop and last night was going to be the night we did in the roosters. Before I could change my mind we had those boys feet bound and hung ready to become dinner. The kids asked to watch but Tom sent them up to the house since he had no clue what he was doing. He also forbid me from taking pictures. lol I wish I could say that killing them was done easily and quickly. Although the second one was a lot quicker then the first. We already have a plan to make it even quicker and more merciful for next time. (in about 3-5wks)

Plucking them wasn't as hard and messy as I thought it would. It also went really quickly. Next time we'll let the kids will help and they're excited about it. Dressing them out was my job and grossed me out at first. I finally just took a deep breath and did what I had to do. Again, the second one went a lot faster, easier and cleaner.

So now we have 2 good size guys in the fridge waiting to go into the oven. They'll be dinner for Monday night. Not knowing how old they are, I'm just hoping they weren't so old that they are tough (and require stewing instead of roasting). I'll let you know how they are tomorrow night.

So today after dropping Michelle off at work I bought what I needed for the coop. When I got home I went to work. The 53, almost 6wk chickens are now in the main coop and having a ball exploring, roosting as high as they can and trying to figure out who's going to rule this new area. I stood and watched them for almost an hour.

Hopefully tonight I'll get up pictures and videos of yesterday's activities...listening to Drew's band at the ice cream stand.

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noelle said...

You are braver than I am. We are considering a few chickens for eggs, but I told dh that I won't dress chickens. Did that as a kid. Actually I only plucked them and thought that was gross enough!