Sunday, July 06, 2008

From dusk to dawn

It had been decided...We'd see firework on Friday night, go to the drive-in on Saturday night. The kids were stoked! Friday night came and we debated on whether to go local (10 miles away) to the county fair display or venture further away to a bigger village. We decided county fair. MISTAKE! We saw better fireworks during the trip to get to the display then we did at the display! Maybe it was our vantage point since we decided to park along a major road instead of going to the fair to watch them. But it lasted all of 6 minutes. It took us longer to figure out the best place to park then it did it see them! By the time Sean and Danielle figured things out, it was over. Sorry, I try not to complain, especially about FREE things. But I was dumbfounded when I realized what I'd just seen was the grand finale. I actually asked Tom if he wanted me to drive to the bigger village to try to catch those ones (we had about 30mins to get there and might have made it). He decided it wasn't worth the effort, especially since we had more fun on the docket with the trip to the drive-in the next day. Oh well.

Eileen had been to her friend's camp for the 4th. When Tom brought her home on Saturday she came in with a bouquet of flowers. I let her take a picture of them (please ignore the background...half put away laundry and cooler for that night's activities)

Jake had been working on a model rocket Fri and Saturday. When it was finally completed we all gathered around for the liftoff.

Jake with his masterpiece

A little late with this picture...smoke trail

Carrie watching Jake put it together for a 2nd trip.

The 2nd trip went off well but didn't end well. He upped the ignition and it went HIGH. Unfortunately the rocket body came off the tether to the parachute and plummeted to the ground. The parachute and nosecone enjoyed a ride on the breeze for quite some time. Neither sections were recovered. Think I know something more to get Jake for his birthday next month. He really seemed to enjoy it.

Then it was time to make dinner and get cracking on drive-in preps. Michelle played EARTHQUAKE!!! with Sean and Danielle to keep them busy.


What was playing you ask? A great lineup!...Wall E, the 2nd Narnia, and the 2nd National Treasure. I love the drive-in because you can bring your own snacks and drinks with you. I know, they have a concession stand and it's the main source of profit. We almost always manage to buy things there, freeze pops, etc. This time the older kids used their money there. (although why you'd buy freeze pops when you're a popsicle yourself baffles was COLD out!) Anyways, onto the drive-in pics...

All the kids in the car...

Jake entertaining us. The sound comes over a certain radio station. They play music before the movie. Jake was dancing.

Everyone settling into their seats...

It didn't take Sean and Danielle long until they were out cold. I had brought my FP sleep and play dome.

It worked out well for the first 2 movies, they both snuggled in together. I didn't have to worry about them getting cold since they had bodyheat. Sean stirred during Narnia but I just nursed him and he went back down. Unfortunately as the 3rd movie started Sean woke up again and woke up Danielle who then went into a screaming fit. I grabbed them both and went into the van. This was NOT conductive to movie viewing...sound was muffled outside, windows kept getting covered in dew, and I was wrestling 2 little ones behind the steering wheel. Finally I got them situated and we settled in for a snooze. I did see some of the movie but not enough to say whether I liked it or not. The other ones I liked...especially Wall E.

As were driving home we realized that the northeast horizon was brightening! (my camera wouldn't take a picture of it) We pulled into the driveway and climbed out of the van. The birds were singing! It was 4:45am!!! UGH! But at least everyone had a great time.

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