Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poor Carrie

Poor Carrie got the bus ride home from hell last Monday. Seems their bus driver doesn't care for noise too much. Kids have complained to parents that they can't even talk. (not sure how exaggerated that is though). Well it seems that the bus driver deemed it necessary to pull the bus over and park on the side of a busy road for over 30mins in extremely hot and sunny weather, during the hottest part of the day (1:30). What did those terrible kids do? They whistled. Well actually someone whistled and then someone else blew a whistle. She was bound and determined to find out WHO did it and they weren't leaving until she found out. She never did, although at least one kid offered to say he did it as long as she started driving again.

They were over 45mins late getting back to school. To say the kids weren't happy is an understatment. They were HOT, thirsty, hungry and lots of them had to go to the bathroom (I know my kids hold it until they get home, they hate using the bathrooms at school). I was NOT happy. Lots of days that happening would've made Michelle late to work and risk her getting fired. Luckily she started work at 4 instead of 2:15. I learned a lesson...always change into clean clothes (had painting clothes on), put on your shoes (yep, I was barefooted), and don't ever think it's only going to be a quick 20min trip there adn back and it's ok to leave the baby home. Because that'll be the day that it'll be an hour trip.

I put in a call to the principal (who talked to everyone on the bus before they were allowed to leave). I wanted to know if that was acceptable for the driver to do because if it was...Carrie was going to be driven to school by ME! I'm not about to allow my child...who was innocent, be held hostage by an irritated bus driver who should probably think of a new profession, from the sounds of things. I was assured it was NOT protocol and she won't be doing that again. So far so good on the bus these days.

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~Tammy~ said...

I think you have the bus driver who used to do my nephews route (in Ohio). Their driver got mad over noise and pulled over... made the kids close all the windows... and turned on the HEAT trying to get a confession from someone. The nephews said they thought they were going to die. It stinks to be subject to the whims of someone you can't control.