Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's gonna be a scorcher

I'm not complaining...although ACK! It's hot and humid here again. I wish mother nature would make up her mind...am I suppose to be shivering or broiling? I was saying we should've brought winter coats to the drive-in on Sat night and last night I couldn't breathe in my room it was so stuffy. Of course the fact that the window was CLOSED might've had something to do with that. LOL Actually after opening the window sleeping was quite pleasant last night.

The kids keep begging me to go with me in the air conditioned car. It's one of the things about having the car that bugs me. The limited amount of kids I can bring with me. I hate having to make the decision of who to take. It's so much easier with the van....just letting anyone that wants to go, go. The fact that I seem to be spending a lot of time in the car makes it even worse since I'm missing out on spending time with the kids. Granted I could take the van. Thing is it has a hefty appetite for gas which we don't have the funds to freely feed.

Carrie started summer school yesterday. I felt like crying when I dropped her off. I know she was nervous and didn't really know anyone. Yes, she knew of the people that were there but they're not people she's hung around with, most of them being high schoolers. She really does cover all topics in school, including phys ed. And she had a good bit of homework to do when she got home. :o( I know this is the best thing for her, but it still makes me sad. From what she talked about on the way home, she seems to have had a good day and made some friends (3 districts combine for the classes, so some new kids were there).

Luke spent most of the day yesterday in his room, cleaning it. Quite an impressive feat considering what it looked like to start with. I know he'll work hard to keep it like that too. I haven't progressed too much around here. I've fixed a few things...like the screen door, done laundry and regular cleaning which of course you can't see or is totally undone again. I'm still trying to figure out which colors I want to paint the livingroom and kitchen. As the days tick by I'm not sure if it'll get done. It's not like the party will be ruined if it's not done. It's just a good motivator to do it (I work best under pressure).

I'm getting excited about this weekend. Michelle is going away to Cedar Point and Carrie doesn't have any classes, so no driving to do!!! Woohooo! Ok, there probably will be some driving to do, but no planned driving as of right now.

Danielle has decided she is afraid of the roosters now. She was leary of them but functioned ok when outside with them. This morning she fell apart and froze, requiring someone to get her. Luckily she still likes the chicks. My hope is that the chicks will get big gradually and she'll be ok with them when they're big. Otherwise she's going to have a problem! LOL

The Volvo is gone! Our driveway looks weird now and we've lost a "shed", but it's gone. Tom's friend came and towed it out of here Sunday evening.

I forgot to mention, I got a letter from my old insurance company. Seems I'll probably receive notice of a lawsuit against me concerning my accident. They also let me know that the suit will probably be more then my $100,000 limit and I may want to seek my own legal counsel as I'm personally responsible for anything over the limit's amount. It just floors me! You couldn't even tell her truck was in an accident by looking at it. She refused treatement at the scene despite her friends mentioning they should check her over a few times (she's a volunteer at the fire department that attended the scene). Granted she could've felt the effects of the accident afterwards and went to the hospital later. I know I felt it and wondered if I should have Sean (who was 4wks old at the time) checked out more thoroughly. But over $100,000 worth medical damages? She was walking and talking, directing traffic and whatnot! I've been told that most likely she'll settle for something close to yet under my insurance's limit before it goes to court. But still....is that right? I don't begrudge her what she's entitled to. I just can't see how it amounts to the amount she says it is. Even if I agreed with her and WANTED to pay her myself, it's not going to happen. I mean...if I don't have enough money for groceries, where does she think her money is coming from? Oh well, I try not to think about it as it's not a definite thing.

And just because I don't want to end my post on that note. Here's pictures of a few things that are growing in my very neglected garden...


Phlox (grow wild around here too but not as full)

Lady's mantle

Red Sedum (turns red in the fall)

The weeds are even pretty

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truth said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm sorry about the lawsuit. Hopefully, she is only going after the full amount from the insurance, but wow. I have no idea what happened to her to warrant that sort of award.

My neighbor was in a lawsuit over an accident. But he was the driver and one passenger died and the other passenger had a severe head injury and was in a coma for a month.