Monday, July 28, 2008

Drew's turn for the spotlight

My blog seems to be pretty heavy with stories about the littlest kids. So when I can share about the older ones, it's nice...especially those that aren't living here anymore. Drew's band is back! They took a little hiatus but they've been pretty busy the last few weekends.

On Saturday they were booked to play from 2-5 and maybe longer at a local ice cream stand celebration. 2pm rolled around and so did the thunderstorms. Being an outside venue they had to delay things but luckily were up and running by 3. Unfortunately for me I had to delay going since I had to pick up Michelle from work at 3:45. Tom took Danielle, Eileen, Olivia, and Luke in the van and headed to the ice cream stand at 3. I left at 3:15 with Liz, Carrie, and Sean in the car. After picking up Michelle we ran a few errands, it was almost 5 by the time we arrived at the ice cream stand. I wasn't sure how much longer they'd be playing so I got busy with my camera!

The whole band from left to right...Drew/bass, Brian/guitar, Nate/drums, Mitch/guitar

Drew's turn at the mic

My kids and their friends enjoying the music...
Standing...Michelle, Allison, Liz, Carrie, Pat
Across from Pat...Alex and TJ

Sharing Eileen's cotton candy ice cream cone

By 5:30 the sky was getting darker and there were a few distant claps of thunder. The band kept trying to decide whether it meant they needed to quit or not (electrical equipment under a tree...not a good thing in a lightening storm). They managed to belt out a few more songs before it was decided that enough was enough. About 5:45 they started packing up as it started sprinkling. Luckily it was a light sprinkle and didn't last long. Still, the girls and I decided it was time to head home.

The sky clearing up on the way home...

Having fun during the ride home (who'd have thought it was only a 6 mile ride?)

And a compulsory picture of Sean

Last but not least...Video clips of the band (just happened to get one of each singer)
1st..Brian on guitar then Mitch on vocals...Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here
2...Brian singing the beginning of the Rolling Stone's Jumping Jack Flash
3...Drew having fun with Collective Soul's Gel with Pat worming in a cameo.
4...Some random guy rocking out

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