Saturday, July 05, 2008

Now some camera time at home

After unloading the car I walked through the house and out the pack door. What did I find...

Tom playing on the trampoline.

Can you guess why his back hurts this morning?

Wanna see the chicken coop?

The small room Tom built for the chicks. Shown from the opposite end of the coop

I then went out back to hang out with Tom and UB

This probably didn't help Tom's back either but Sean loves it! He always plays with Tom's ears. lol


Pam's Pride said...

OH my! I am loving all the pics! I am so glad you got a camera! And what was your DH thinking jumping on the trampoline??? That is just craziness!!

Lisa said...

Great pics! I loved my easyshare. Mine got dropped, wah, but I won a HP digital at dh's Christmas party so that's what I've got now. I love the one of Tom playing on the trampline.