Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unique week

Before I go into how much we did the week before the party I'll mention what happened the week before.

For most of the week and all of the weekend almost all of my big kids were GONE! Liz was at my sister's for the week, (came back the Monday before the party and brought my nieces with her), Michelle was working and then at Cedar Point, Jake went camping for 17 days with UB, Carrie was at school, Luke was in and out...doing things (spending the night) with church friends (as was Carrie after school). So the only kids home were Eileen, Olivia, Danielle and Sean with Carrie and Luke flitting in and out.

Danielle showing off the latest clothes line...Baby Brother's

It was actually a neat time. I could discipline someone without having a "trial". Meaning having someone trying to defend the little one and get them off the hook. I also wasn't told how I could do it better or what I should've done. (when we were little, you would've....) The little kids don't need to go anywhere. They're content to stay home with us most of the time. So the pressure to go and do was gone. They're only one "age group" of kids. I wasn't juggling older kids' needs with younger kids' ones. We could play silly little games and sing silly songs without the eye rolling and balking. When it was bedtime...it was bedtime! No odd kid up into the wee hours of the morning. (now if only Tom could stay up past 9pm ;o) lol)

Sunday morning found only Tom and I up for quite a while. We sat on the front porch, drank our coffee together and had a real conversation with WHOLE sentences for over an hour! Pure bliss.

Then kids woke up, Sean ended up with a really high fever for 2 days (don't know where he got that one but oh well), big kids trickled home and brought MORE kids with them, and a deadline stared me in the face. It was fun having things different for a while but this is my life now...and I kinda like it! ;o)

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noelle said...

Thanks for letting us know that your older kids are normal too! I am just getting into this a little with my older kids...it's so different when school is in session and I just have the 2 littles all day. But I do enjoy having them all during the summer.