Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How the girls got two parties

For a few months the girls were saying their party was July 18th. Me being the dingdong that I am, assumed that the 18th was a Saturday. It wasn't until about 3wks before the party that I realized it was a Friday. Actually I had to have it drilled into my head.

I just happened to be looking at a calendar while we were talking about the party. Michelle mentioned the 18th and I noticed it was a Friday. I corrected her...she meant that her party was the 19th. No mom...the party is on the 18th. Michelle! The 18th is a Friday, you mean the party is the 19th. NO MOM! Our party is the 18th...no mistake about it.

It just so happens that the 19th is a huge all day rock concert in the town over from here. That means a lot of their friends will be there. Also being young adults, most of them have to work on Saturday.

Well I refused to do the work for a party I'd be able to enjoy for a few hours! People don't get out of work until 6 or so. That meant they only had a few hours before the mosquitos were out and/or people had to go home to put little ones to bed.

So I declared the party was as much for me as it was for the girls! So they could still have their party on Friday (since people had already been invited for at least a month) and I would have my own party on Saturday.

Tom and I got a bit nervous as Friday night went along. It's a huge responsiblity to have all those young adults on your property. Luckily they are a good group of kids. They were responsible and respectful. I was laughing that we've been louder with just our family around a fire. There was no screaming, yelling, fighting or funny business. They didn't mind Tom nor I hanging around and observing or even hanging out and having a conversation Although if the little ones had tried to join in that might've been a different story (we kept them up near the house)

I can't say that it went perfectly. There was some drama but it was one of my own kids that caused it. (not Val or Michelle) Unfortunately that drama resulted in me getting about half an hour to an hour sleep total that night.

Saturday was a small and quiet party. As the day got closer I started regretting cutting back on the number of people I'd invited. My dad said it was too bad I had since my aunts' grandkids graduations cost my dad over $100 this summer. It wasn't fair that his sisters and brothers were getting off for free. lol I admit, another reason why I opted to exclude them is that I have so many kids. I feel guilty that an invitation would make them feel obligated to fork over money to the grad or grads and they've done it so many times already. Oh well, I probably would've had enough food for them too.

Somehow I lost the pictures I took at Saturday's party (there was a good one of my mom too!) The only ones I have are the ones that mistakenly were put on my camera's internal memory (didn't realize the memory card was still in the card reader). Luckily they were cute pics of Sean being fed yummy colorful frosting from the cake.

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