Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a small world

Michelle was gone the weekend of the 11th. She went to Cedar Point with a friend and the friend's mom and brother. From all reports, they had a great time. On the way home Michelle called me and asked if I'd meet them at a park and ride lot off the Thruway so they didn't have to drive so far. I agreed. When I pulled in Michelle was gathering her stuff when I hear...YEP! I knew I knew her!

I looked at who was speaking and she looked familiar. I kept trying to think if I knew her or of it was because she looked a bit like one of my cousin's grown children. Then she said the magic words...I think I took care of your daughter before. AHA! I knew who she was. She was "A", Carrie's main nurse when she was in ICU for 3 weeks with meningitis! Carrie just happened to tag along for the ride so she got to see her. She was amazed at how grown up she's gotten.

Seems A was looking through the photos on my camera (yes, I let Michelle take my camera!) and thought she recognized my face. Now I know Michelle wasn't lying when she said she had fun...the woman is a riot to talk to! As we were putting Michelle's stuff in my trunk, Michelle's friend was pulling something out of a cooler and throwing them in the trunk. A said...I picked these up for your family. I knew you probably could use them. It was stack of white hotel towels! OMGoodness!!! On the way home I said to Michelle...they'll charge her credit card for those. Michelle said no, she pulled them from the cleaning lady's cart.

So now I have hot towels hanging in my bathroom.

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Innocent Observer said...

That's really sweet that she thought of you, but who STEALS something and then GIFTS it to someone else, while admitting said gift was stolen?!?!?!