Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh you guys are in trouble now!

I did it, I bought a new camera for myself today. I haven't owned a camera in years. I figured I always forgot it at home, my hands were too busy and my kids had cameras to take pics for me. Now I'm finding myself wanting one more and more, my hands are getting less full as time goes on and I don't want to remember life through my kids' eyes (although that's a good view too). but I want my own version of things.

I've been looking at a few of them and wanted it to be under $100. Right now though that means my choices were few. I was leaning toward the Kodak Easyshare. Mostly due to camera's lack of pause when you take a picture. I hate it when the camera lags so much that the photo is over before the actual photo is shot. My problem is this house already has 2 Easyshares....Michelle's and Carrie's. I wanted a camera that was distinct so there would be no question that it was MOM'S CAMERA! I'm still in my selfish mode and not really wanting to share. lol So having a camera like everyone else's wasn't a good thing to me right now.

I tested the cameras side by side and there was no doubt...I had to get the Easyshare. So I figured I'd keep it handcuffed to my arm and asked for the clerk to get one of them out of the case. As I spun around I noticed a display of cameras in a different area. At the top was the distinct white and yellow Kodak packaging. I took a second look and this is what I saw....

it was the exact model I was buying but in PINK! WOOHOOO! No mistaking that camera! As soon as Carrie saw it she asked if I'd trade her...sorry sweetie, no deal.

Now I can pretty up around here a bit! So far I've taken a bunch of pics and have 4 videos already. (Sorry Still! Get that DSL...QUICK!) I have a few ideas of what I want to post but I'm falling asleep it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh and a cleaning update before I get to bed. I didn't get anything done in my bedroom. I had some running to do and Sean was pretty needy (he's not liking mom not paying attention to him the last few days). I did manage to clean the car VERY well which had been bugging me. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

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