Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pass me the claratin

I'm starting the day all puffy eyed and stuffy. That means a side of claratin to go with my morning coffee. It also means a slooow start to the day. Of course it didn't help that Sean was awake before I could even finish going pee this morning. I am NOT burntout. I WILL finish this and move on. If I was pregnant I'd say I was nesting, the urge is that strong. It couldn't have come at a better time. Normally I wouldn't get into this type of mode until the week before the party. As usual I'm hopeful that once it's taken care of, it'll stay like this. Of course it's a pipedream since I suck at maintaining things!

I have found myself really wanting a camera lately. I keep finding myself thinking...I need a picture of this! Oh that would be cute on my blog. (and no I don't only want the pics for my blog!) I think it does make a blog funner (I know, not a word) to visit. I know I'm enjoying certain people's blogs who share lots of pics. I think I'd also post more often. To just be able to throw up a picture up and have it explain what would take me 20 mins to write about. While I don't think I'd ever take a before picture of my room. The pile of "deal with" clothes would've made it here. And the chicken coop provides tons of photo ops. Not only are the chickens hilarious to watch, Sean is adorable with them.

I said something about needing a camera after we picked our blueberries the other day. Tom said you'd take a picture of THAT!?! I said sure...who wouldn't be impressed with all 11 of the blueberries we grew!? LOL Yep, only 11, because not everyone was here some of us were blessed to get TWO berries. I'm impressed we got any at all. We only planted them last year and they took a pretty good hit this winter when the rabbits ate them down to almost nothing.

We have a stomach bug starting to make it's way through the house. Eileen woke up with a horrible stomachache and threw up most of the day. Sorry Della! I hope your kids weren't exposed to it. Tom had it this weekend and said it was the worst stomach pain he's ever felt. And for him it lasted days. Eileen had the pain too but she seems a lot better today although she says her belly still hurts. I'm hoping that I can keep Sean and Danielle from getting this....I'm not holding my breathe though. The bummer thing is, we were planning on going to the county fair tonight. They have their $1 ride special tonight. :o(

Well this isn't getting any work done. I'm getting something to eat and then diving back into my room. Wish me luck!

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