Friday, August 18, 2006

The day from Hell

I actually slept in until 9, but was still tired when I climbed out of bed. The morning was a bit slow going. Danielle woke up with a fever and glassy eyes. She ended up throwing up twice. I was the only one she wanted.

I was suppose to go to my parent's house and alter some things for my mom. They are leaving for vacation early Saturday morning. I also have their suitcase that Liz borrowed for Norway, not sure if they need it or not. I decided to wait until later in the day to see if Danielle felt better. My dad called about 11'ish and asked when I was coming in. I told him about Danielle being sick and trying to figure out when to come. I could hear my mom in the background telling him to have me bring, black, white and beige thread. I let him know I remembered and would get it if I didn't have it since I had to stop and buy some special needles to sew my mom's bathingsuit. That it wasn't a matter of not wanting to come in...but finding the time to do it. I think my dad heard something in my voice.

My mom called me back and suggested I wait until Fri morning to come in. I told her I couldn't because I had to take the girls to the campgrounds for their weekend trip. She said never mind then and I started crying hysterically. I WANTED to do it, but I just couldn't figure out how or when to do it. My mom didn't really want Danielle in there anyways if she was sick. She said she didn't NEED the things sewn, she's survive without it but I still felt guilty. She reassured me again and again that she'd survive without the alterations, she has so far. I calmed down and we talked about my trip to the beach the day before. Then I hear....

MOM!!! You need to come down here NOW!!! a minute. No mom...NOW! We're going to die!!! I run down the hall with the phone still to my ear to find Drew's bedroom/the library filled with bees! OH NO! I tell my mom we have a bee's nest somewhere in the house and I have to go. I give her my classic...welcome to my world line as we say our goodbyes. :o)

The bees were coming in the house by way of the outside light. They'd made a huge nest in the ceiling of the room. You could hear them buzzing, there was a huge section of sheetrock that was soft, and the bees were dropping into the room through a hole they'd chewed in the ceiling. I had bought bee spray before the family fun weekend because the popup had a few wasp nests. Pat and Joey hit the bee's nest really well both inside and out. Amazingly no one got stung. The ceiling started opening up and the nest started falling onto the floor. Luckily by then most of it was dead.

I got Danielle down for a nap and decided to try to get online for a while and relax. Yeah right! Eileen asked if we could have popsicles and I told her to go get them. She walked across the kitchen floor, stepped in a puddle of water and went down on her fanny...catching herself with her hands. She was screaming and holding her right wrist. Pat walked her to me and whispered in my's broken. There was a patch of petechia (broken blood vessels under the skin) below her wrist and a bump on the side. It sure looked like it. I called the dr and changed my clothes while the big kids dressed Danielle. We headed out the door about 3:15.

She was examined and then sent downstairs to the brand new imaging office. They weren't fully functional yet but could do basic arm x-rays. We were their ever first patient!!! The place was really nice. It's also nice not to have to travel across town and back for an injury like that. :o) The radiologist has to read them in the morning but it looks ok. The dr said there might be a wrinkle on there but he wasn't sure. He'll call if anything turns up. I wrapped her wrist in an ace bandage and headed home. She's sore but dealing with it well.

I decided to stop at Arby's on the way home. They had a 4 regulars for $5 special so I bought 16 of them. The girl asked me if I wanted any sauce, I said yes both please. I noticed she threw in tons of horsey sauce and a few Arby's sauce in with our sandwiches. I asked for more so that I could have at least one packet for each sandwich. She threw a few more of each in a little bag and walked away. I looked quickly. All together I had TEN Arby sauce packets. I sat there and when she headed back to the drivethru window I asked AGAIN for enough Arby sauce for at least ONE packet per sandwich. She huffed off, threw some more in another little bag and handed it to me. I so wanted to reach through that window and....oh nevermind, I forgot I'm suppose to be a mature adult. How hard is it!?! I only wanted ONE per sandwich! Not a year's supply! Geesh!

We pull into the driveway about 6ish, Olivia jumps out of the van and immediately slams the door behind her. Eileen was sitting up front, she had reached backwards and wouldn't you know it....her fingers ened up closed in the door. She managed to pull them out before I could unbuckle and open the door for her. It was her already injured hand too! Luckily her fingers weren't in the door too far but it got the nails. She iced them and seems to be doing ok with it.

I walked into the kitchen, Tom walked in the backdoor. I started telling Tom about how my day had gone when he said over me....I bought porkchops on the way home. As he started his next sentence I stopped midsentence, looked at him, slammed the bottle of water I had in my hand onto the table, walked into my bedroom and curled into a little ball on my bed. I'm pretty sure I ended up dozing off and taking a nap. The next thing I knew it was time to take the kids to the youth meeting at 7:30. Luckily I got them there and back with no mishaps. :o)

It's one of those days where everyone's bedtime can't come soon enough! Tomorrow HAS to be better!


Lisa said...

I have so had those days. (((Hugs))))

Lori said...

Oh my! Big (((Hugs)))! And it seems days like that drag on forever.