Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OK...I lied

Last entry I said I was going to get something done. Only thing I managed to get done was to shut down completely and climb into bed for a while. Things were not going ok. Tom chose to stay outside and away from the situation at hand.

Sunday I ran up to the campgrounds, helped the girls pack up their site and brought home their stuff. They had to be out of their site by 11 but wanted to stay the day at the beach. With me getting their things they were free to enjoy the beach for the day. Janna's mom picked them up in the evening.

When I got back from the campgrounds Tom was working in the kitchen. I started working alongside him and said...we need to talk. He agreed so we headed outside for a few hour long discussion. Things are at a really good place right now. :o) We hung out together most of the day. It's nice to see the spark back. I'd REALLY like it if we could find a way to go out alone. It won't happen this week since Tom's on call. Next week is dr appts, getting ready for school and church activities.

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