Monday, August 07, 2006

Grinding halt

That's what I did after my last blog post. I hit publish and then didn't do A STINKIN' THING! I shut down as completely as possible. No laundry done, no groceries bought, not a piece of clothing or camping gear packed. And you know this moment I DON'T CARE!

I'm definitely in a better place today then I was this weekend. It's still not 100% though. Sunday I was a mess. I couldn't make myself get my butt out of this chair no matter what. I felt that PMS'y/depressed shakey and cry at the drop of a hat feeling starting to grow.

Michelle and Val needed me to go to Wegman's and buy them their Darien Lake tickets Sunday. They were leaving bright and early Monday morning. They kept on me about going, I had to be over at church by 7 and the clock was ticking. Everytime they'd say something I wanted to scream and start crying. Eventually I managed to get mine and Danielle's fanny out the door.

As I was driving down the street everything from the last week just kinda caved in on me. I started crying and couldn't stop. Val kept asking what was wrong and I kept answering...nothing. She didn't believe me but finally gave up asking. By the time I was at C's house to pick him up...I felt better. We actually had a fun time. Running through the grocery store and then over to the mall to hang out for an hour and a half.

Today I've felt a lot better and managed to do a bit more around here...although not the work I NEED to do! LOL Tonight is laundry, tomorrow is grocery shopping, Wed is packing and setting up our site.

Everyone is getting excited. This year's schedule is pretty light for the little kids and parents. If you're a youth (12-34) then you can and should be a bit more busy. The highlights for the little ones is....

Grille/Candy stand....gotta get our sugar fix all day everyday!
Thursday mornign...children's parade
Friday afternoon...bouncy house, water slide and fun activities
Friday night...fireworks
Saturday afternoon....children's workshops (4 hrs of scheduled activities for each kid)
Saturnday evening....chicken BBQ
Saturday night....Music feast, lots of music acts performing, including the children's choir (I have 4 kids in that one)

It ends on Sunday with a general meeting. Immediately following I have a bridal shower to attend for one of the girls from our fellowship. I already have her gifts bought, just need to figure out what dessert I'll be bringing.

If it wasn't so fun for the kids, I'd be tempted to skip everything and stay home with Tom while he's on vacation. I've heard a rumor that the's going camping while we're gone. I'm trying to get him to drive over and hang out with us. I think he'd really like to see the music acts and all his kids performing.

So if I'm scarce between now and Sunday...excuse me while I try to play catchup with life. Becuase life doesn't stop for ANYONE...even mom.


Amber said...

You've been through a lot lately. (((Hugs))) I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

truth said...

Kim, I was just catching up on your blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Sometimes we just need to cry even when it seems like nothing at that moment is going on-but obviously you have a lot going on.

Praying for your peace and some rest. And sending a big cyber hug and chocolate.

O_Scientist said...

{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}

Hope things will go uphill from here.


Dot said...

Thinking of you Kim and praying for some peace for you and your family.