Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We had as nice a time as you can at these types of things. MIL looked great, the funeral home did just what the kids asked them to do. So good in fact that they decided to keep the casket open (they were going to close it after a private viewing). The grandkids coped amazing well, unlike me when I was 14 and my grandfather passed away. (then again I cry when ice melts) I was amazed at that I wasn't in tears too much these last few days.

The funeral home had created a slide show of our pictures which seemed to help a lot. It reminded everyone of just how great a life she lived. There was even a picture of her sitting up in her hospital bed last Wednesday. Everyone kept saying how great she looked in it. The most "famous" pic is of her at 16yo. She's standing outside in her bathing suit, holding onto a huge icicle. It was taken in January as a dare from her friend. I believe somehow it was blown up and ended up displayed in a public place (thinking it was a drug store window). The picture that brought the biggest smile to my face though was of MIL and her oldest dd swinging about 15yrs ago. Their skirts are flying and they have huge smiles on their faces.

Tom had a LOT of coworkers come by and offer their condolences. Actually most of the people there that weren't family, were county workers (BIL and Tom work there, FIL is retired from there, 2 other BILs have worked there in the past). My parents came by and I found out my dad had his procedure to drain the fluid from around his lungs. He was pretty sore. They took a litre of fluid from off his left lung! No wonder he couldn't breathe well. My sister and her best friend since forever came by. It was good to see them. We talked about old times (they hung out with me and SIL, D when we were in school) and how everyone was coping with Tiffany's death. She said now that everyone is done with, they are doing a bit better. I wondered if that would work with Tom and his sibs.

I felt so bad for FIL. He wore his mask and put himself off to one side so that everyone wasn't approaching him directly. People still came right up into his face, grabbed and shook his hand. I understand the need to touch someone when they're mourning. I found it hard not to do it and I know he's not a touchy feely type of person even when not sick. But geesh...what part of hospital mask and hidden in the corner don't you get? His brothers and sisters kind of circled him but it still didn't do much good. I'm not sure how he made it through the grief and the fright of everyone's germs infecting him. I've BTDT with Carrie and it's not a good place to mentally be.

After the wake we all went out to eat. There were too many of us to go to one place without reservations. So some went to Olive Garden, the rest of us when to Ponderosa. We hadn't been in Ponderosa in a while and I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. It's just now that great. The service was fine and the food was good. It's just eh. We had a lot of great stories to tell about MIL at that place though. It used to be the goto place for us with her. I think most of my older kids went there before they were a week old. (for birthday celebrations of Tom's sibs)

I was exhausted when we got home and decided to put off making the fruit salad until the next morning. I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not since we had to be out the door by 9am. I finally got the kids settled in and fell into bed around midnight. I think I might've went right out but I know I tossed and turned a lot all night long. I'd blame it on the heat but we had the A/C on in our room and it was in the upper 60s in there (someone had been playing with the buttons!) I tried to make myself stay in bed and go back to sleep until a decent hour.

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