Sunday, August 27, 2006

A little preview

Today was Tom's dad's birthday party (he's turning 70 on the 29th). Everyone went but Danielle and I. If she has roseola or strep she's contagious to the little kids. She's still running a fever 5. I'm not liking this one bit! It brings about flashbacks of Carrie and thoughts of cancer.

The preview is of what my weekdays should be like soon...after school starts. Well that's AFTER we drive Michelle to classes in the morning. So it won't be all day long. You'd think I could get a bunch of stuff done...WRONG! I didn't get a stinking thing done. Since she's feverish all she wants to do is nurse and be held. I JUST (4.5hrs later...they left at 1) managed to lay her down without her waking. Instead of doing some work I grabbed some leftover porkchops and sat down here for a second. Don't feel too bad for me though. I managed to have fun while babying my baby. I'm pretty good at nursing, while cuddling the baby and playing X-box at the same time. lol I've started a game of Fable.

After everyone left I heard rustling against the back screen of the french doors. It was Penny the pigeon trying to get in. She's been seen on our roof a lot but was missing most of the evening last night. While out for a walk the kids spotted her 2 houses down on their roof. I'm not sure if she came back last night or early this morning but she was on our roof when I got up at 7:30. I propped open the back door. Before long she was walking across the kitchen floor then fluttered into the playpen. (scared Danielle) I put some fresh water and feed in there. I still haven't seen her drinking but she sure is eating. Right now she's roosting ontop of the french door.

I've been thinking about my MIL a lot since I found out I was pg. She was always so excited about her grandbabies. She loved to brag how many she had (this'll be #47). This baby'll be the first one to not have grandma here when it's born. :o(

I think being pg has had a healing affect on a lot of us. While it's sad that life goes on without MIL here and it doesn't seem right. The fact that even in such saddness life goes on is a good thing to know. The phrase "funeral baby" keeps popping in my head although that's a bit crass. In truth though that's what it is....a baby conceived during the depths of mourning because of a funeral.

I will be calling the dr tomorrow and trying to get in ASAP. My blood pressure has been consistantly high. It doesn't help that I'm not taking my meds. Part of me wants to avoid going in so I don't get "in trouble" for being so stupid. I know though that I have to get this under control. I seem to have misplaced my glucometer somehow. I have Carrie's here but I can't use it or it'll mess up her numbers/data for the study when the clinic downloads it. When everyone was leaving today I got really aggitated and shaky. I'm pretty sure my sugar bottomed out, but don't worry...I found a box of donuts under the front seat of the van (thanks Drew! lol) Tom was concerned and told me to calm down. I told him I just needed to eat a donut. ;o) It did help. I just wish I had the numbers around to see what was going on.

Well now that my porkchops have been eaten, it's time to make it look like I got something done around here. Hopefully Danielle will cooperate.

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O_Scientist said...

{{{ HUGS }}}

Hope you can figure out your blood pressure and sugar issues. And healing vibes to Danielle.