Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saturday ~ The day that never quit

Saturday was a really busy day although it wasn't planned that way. After the moring children's meeting I took the kids up to the grill for lunch. It was a limited grill becuase of how much work needed to be done for the evening chicken BBQ. After I ordered my cheeseburger the grill got pretty busy with only a few people working (others were setting up for their children's workshops). I asked BIL if he needed some help and he did. So I gave my nephew my burger and got behind the counter. We were hopping and bopping. Because there was so much going on in the afternoon we had to cut it short and quite a few people were turned down for lunch. :o( I wish there was a way we could've fed everyone, but they were warned in an email of the short hours.

After closing up I headed down to the main area to help D with her workshop. The little kids had picked workshops they were interested in and then were scheduled for every half or whole hour between 1 and 5pm. D was running the cookie decorating table for the little kids. The youth girls did most of the work but needed some help here or there. All of a sudden Pat and my nephew Joey came up and asked me if I heard what happened. They said Drew cut off his finger, then it was his fingertip, finally it was his hand. It ended up being the fleshy part on his hand under his ring and pinky. BRATS! Pat said he did it that way so I wouldn't freak over the actual news. I told him...YEAH! IF I didn't have a heart attack before you told me the actual news!

I headed to the kitchen area to find Drew. He was ok and it might've needed a stitch or two but he super glued it together. While there I asked if they needed help, and they did!!! I had Michelle, Val and Janna watch Danielle while I worked for over 5hrs! I rotated between halving whole chickens (got so good at it I could split it with one slice) and doing dishes. By the time I was done the back of the knife had cut into my index finger. I'm not sure if it's an occupational hazard or bad knife technique. Next time I think I'll try wearing a whole finger leather thimble under my gloves.

There was a mixup with dinners and we were one family that had a delay in getting our chicken. Unfortunately the kids had to be performing with the children's choir by the time our chicken was done. The kids were adorable and did a great job! I pulled them out of the music feast after their performance and fed them. Stupid me was so concerned about the food that I forgot that Liz still had to perform with the big choir and missed her performance. :o( I feel horrible.

After dinner we headed down to the grill and hung out until it was open. I got Danielle to sleep and started helping out behind the counter. Danielle woke up and demanded my attention. I don't blame her since I'd hardly seen her all day. At least everyone was exhausted and fell right to sleep. Getting them up in the morning was a different story.

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