Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday - Time to go grocery shopping

I needed to go grocery shopping before the family weekend at church. After the huge lost/stolen diaper bag fiasco we'd closed and then reopened our major checking acct. Unfortunately they never unblocked our ATM cards. I asked Tom Tues morning if he'd call and get it fixed. He got off the phone and informed me that he they were fixed and we could use them immediately. YEAH! So Val, Janna, Jake and I go to Save-a-Lot.

After going through the check out I head out to the van. I stick my wallet and my receipts into the basket that's under my stroller (open in the back of the van). After loading in all the groceries I pick up my wallet when I realize my ATM card is missing. Hmmmm I tear my wallet apart trying to find it. I don't remember getting it back from the cashier so head back into the store and ask if he still has it...he doesn't. I run back to the van and we tear the boxes of groceries apart looking for it. Nothing. I go back into the store and search the floor around the register, ask the cashier to check where he puts the receipts to see if he stuck it in there with the debit receipt. No. Search the floor between the register and the door...again Nothing. Now I'm in the parking lot looking like a lunatic searching the pavement and under cars...tears streaming down my face. The girls tear the back of the van apart again. Finally I decide we have to head home so we can empty all the boxes and see if it's under something. I cry almost all the way home. I'm mad and embarrassed. Here we JUST turned it on hours beforehand and now I have to cancel it again.

We get home unload the groceries and still can't find it. I call the store and tell them what happened and leave my name and number incase they find it when they clean up at night.

I still needed to go to Price Chopper to buy things for the week. So we head out the door with Tom's card in my wallet. (didn't cancel them because then I couldn't access our money and I really needed to) Driving back to the grocery store I fell wiped out and emotional. I just want to go home and crawl into bed. We manage to shop anyways and do a pretty good job of it.

Because of the drama above I don't manage to throw in a single load of laundry that's needs to be done so we can pack. That means EVERYTHING (cooking, laundry, packing) will have to be done on Wednesday. I have NO idea if I'll be able to get out the door and set up camp by Wednesday night. My brain is such mush that I'm finding it hard to think of anything to pack anyways.

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