Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dr visits

Danielle is still sick. Dr's office called Monday to say she tested positive for a germ she could fight off herself. BUT if she was still sick, the dr would write a script for her. I opted for the medicine. As night came on she seemed on the verge of being dehyrdrated. She wasn't pee'ing a lot and I wasn't seeing too many tears. She wasn't falling into a sound sleep, her and I spent the night in the recliner so Tom could get some sleep. She nursed the whole night but I'm not sure how much was nursing or just using me as a pacifier. I debated on taking her to the ER in the middle of the night but thought I'd wait it out until morning. In the morning her mouth was dry except for her tongue. She started throwing up and my decision was made....we were going back in. Her appt wasn't until 1:45 and I kept trying to decide if I should ignore it and just go right in or wait. I waited.

True to form by the time we got into the drs she was starting to turn around. Her fever was gone and even a bit low. While getting weighed I could smell that she'd pee'd a decent amount. And wouldn't you know it...she had tears when she got mad. By the end of the appt she was freely crying tears, her nose was running a teeny bit (clear), she was waving and saying bye-bye to everyone and no one. She even managed a cute face and a smile for the nurses before we walked out the door.

When we got home she was interacting with the kids, stood on her own and crawled across the floor...things she hadn't really done since Saturday. Let's just hope that this is the end of it and no one else gets it. School starts in 8 days, wouldn't be fun to miss the first week of school because of a fever.

My turn...

I called the OBs office on Monday and was given a 2:00 appt. I told them I needed new meds but they must not have heard me. They'd scheduled a confirmation only appt. My blood pressure was high.... 16X/94. We compared my cuff to their's and it was comparable.... 16X/98. My weight was 205, not sure what it was at my last visit in Dec. After giving a urine sample the nurse came back and told me I was really pg! She told me for a minute she thought I was wrong and it was negative. It took a while to show. The dr stuck his head in the test room while she was doing it, said I see a line...it's positive! They made me an appt for my initial prenatal checkup next Thursday, congratulated me and started to send me on my way. I started telling the nurse about what meds I used last time and needed to be on now. Also what refills of things I'll stay on I'll need. After hearing everything she decided I should talk directly to the dr so stuck me in a room.

The dr's wife works in the office also as a Physician Assistant. She came in to tell me that my test was positive and asked if it was a good thing. My first thought was to become offended but I didn't. I told her yes and the kids were ecstatic. She then explained that earlier in the day she'd congratulated someone who'd just gotten a pos test and it WASN'T a good thing. She was trying to avoid that happening again.

Dr came in and we talked for a while. I told him my sugar levels have been fine until this weekend (got a 126 fasting Monday morning). He hmmmm'ed and wondered how it knew I was pg. So at 5wks I'm on insulin again, switched over to labetalol, still on the water pill and potassium (water pill leaches potassium out). When I asked for the potassium he turned to me and said....you really take those things? No one ever takes the potassium. I said yep, it's easier then trying to fit a whole banana into my diet. So now I have to track my sugar levels and bring in my logbook next week. The fun begins!

Oh, Jake and Carrie have really cheap digital cameras. They took some pictures last week and I just found this cute one of Danielle I thought I'd share. She's indignant that there's a watermelon seed on her nose and no one will do anything (or let her do anything) about it. lol

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MJ said...

Glad you insisted on getting in! Im avoiding mine, just cause i dont want to choose a doc since we moved to a new town!

Dot said...

I'm glad that Danielle is doing better. It is miserable having a sick baby. Myles is trying to give up his nap already and I am tired just from that!!!

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can you tell that I am gleefully happy for you? Good luck with your B/P and sugars.