Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy 10th birthday Jake!

Monday, the 7th was Jake's 10th birthday. I felt a little bad since I was still dragging and not really feeling in the mood for a party. I already had some presents for him so ws set on that. His favorite was the Simpson's version of Operation. :o) It was really hot out! Tom and I decided it was too hot to make him a cake. Tom took Jake and drove up to the next town. They came home with pans of frosted brownies...one peanut butter frosting, another with chocolate frosting and sprinkled with m&ms. (pretty good actually) They didn't get ice cream, they got supplies to make rootbeer floats! Everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Last year I started writing out birth stories on the kid's birthdays so I'd have it recorded. With the summer conference and then being put on bedrest I never managed to get Jake's done (which then snowballed to the rest of the year). So I'm catching up with that now.

Jake's birth story

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