Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some days I should just stay home!

Thursday the kids finally convinced me to take them grocery shopping (it was Liz and Eileen's week). While driving I kept thinking...I shouldn't be driving. And I was right! I almost took out a minivan!

I was pulling into a left turn lane to go into a shopping center. The left arrow turned red but the thru traffic was still green so I decided to proceed onto the next light. I needed to go back into my original lane of traffic. I checked over my shoulder to make sure the lane was clear, and it was.....or so I thought. As I started to move right into the original lane I happened to look out the front passenger window and there next to Liz's head was a lady's head! I yanked the wheel left and went back into the left turn lane. She was driving a navy blue minivan. I have NO idea how I didn't see it when I checked the lane. Actually I think the only reason I saw it was that I saw her face, not the actual vehicle. Before I got into Walmart parking lot I was crying. I KNEW I should've stayed home...I knew it! Luckily we managed to get home without anymore close calls. I was so glad to pull into the driveway!

Tom went to work on Thursday. He was not in a good mood when he left. I wish he could've/would've just taken Thursday and Friday off since Saturday started his week's vacation. I think he felt he needed to touch base before he was off again. At least he seemed to be doing better when he got home. Friday seemed to be a much better day for him. The differences in how we deal with things bugs me. I'm a talker, the more I talk about it the less it effects me. Tom holds things in. He likes to be alone and deal with it. I think part of it is the male macho thing (big boys can't cry) But essentially he's a loner. He doesn't like crowds (which makes living at our house a bit of a chore lol) and can just sit outside for hours on end. I'd be twiddling my thumbs, bouncing my leg (do that whereever I am anyways) and talking to the bugs.

Thursday night all the older girls got together at my SIL's house. It was a girl's night out. :o) Luckily I knew it before going grocery shopping. I picked up a few pounds of cooked shrimp and made cocktail sauce. We had frosty adult drinks and talked until well into the night. It was a fun time! I think we pulled into the driveway just before 2am.

Friday required a bit of driving around and I didn't get much done. Luke and Jake both had birthday celebrations to attend at different sides of the town. Later in the evening the kids got together at church and made banners for the summer conference children's parade on Thursday morning. They also had children's choir practice.

Yep it's that time of year again...SUMMER CONFERENCE! Unfortunately I didn't realize they moved it back a week so Tom is on vacation during the it. :o( I'm hoping I can convince him to come over and watch the activities. I heard whispers of him going camping with the older boys though. So we'll see.

With that on the horizon I have a lot of prep work to do (laundry, packing, food planning and prep). I'm not totally sure if we're going to stay over there. I'm thinking yes, just not sure how. Our popup is over there still. I'm thinking it didn't fare well through the winter. Each year it's deteroriated more and more. I think I'll see if Tom will go over with me on MOnday and check it out. If we can't use it I'll be tenting I guess. Just hope Tom wasn't planning on using it during his camping trip. LOL

As usual I'm also starting to want to do things around here. I've had a few kids ask me about sewing. My room is a disaster area and is really starting to bug me. The house itself isn't too bad but I wouldn't mind taking care of the clutter. And then there's the basement. We have to have the electrical done for the pool and it needs to be inspected. That means someone going into our basement and walking around. *GULP* So I want to start working on that too. Yet, here I sit. LOL At least Val is working in the kitchen ATM.

With tomorrow being really busy at church I guess I need to get moving on things today. So I guess I need to go.

Really....I have to get up and get something done

No, I mean it! I HAVE to go. NOW! REALLY! RIGHT NOW!


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