Thursday, August 31, 2006

Michelle's first day

Today was Michelle's first day of classes. She said it went well. It was also the first day I had to drive her to those classes. I'll just get it out right now... I AM NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS! I'm trying not to complain too much infront of her. She'll feel bad for putting me out.

On Mon & Wed I have to drive her to class (21 miles one way) at 11 and pick her up at 3. Since I have to drive the gas guzzling van I hate to drive to school two times a day. I'm trying to figure out how to stay in the city for those 4hrs. I did it today but it wasn't very fun and it was costly (stupid Wal-Mart remodeling clearance!) If anyone has any ideas on how to kill time...leave me a suggestion in my comments. If I had a laptop I could go to the mall and sit online. (after mallwalking of course lol) They have free WiFi in the food court.

On Tues & Thurs I get a break and drop her off at Jess's house (7 miles from us in the direction of school). Problem is...she needs to be there at the same time the 3 little kids are waiting/getting on the bus! I think I'm going to have to get the kids ready for school early and bring them with me. Then drop them off at the school on the way home.

I'm trying to encourage her to find people who live near us that she can carpool with. Since I'll be going into the city once a week or so for my OB appt it won't be THAT bad, as long as I can coordinate things. I feel bad because I feel like I'm gouging her for gas money. I figured it'll cost me about $45/wk to drive her (not including what she gives to Jess). So if she gets a workstudy job she's pretty much working for my gas money. :o( I'm wondering if it was smart of her to not get the Stafford Loan just so she'd have some breathing room financially (doesn't have to use it and she's the type that wouldn't). I don't know if she can try to get it now after she's declined it.

I wanna know why I thought things would be easier once they were adults!


Dot said...


First of all, why doesn't she have her own car? $45 a week could buy a small used car that is good on gas.

Second, big hugs, because I am sure you have already thought of that!!!

Wishing you luck, I am not looking forward to my oldest needing to be somewhere that is far away (because I know I will have to drive him).

Lisa said...

It seems I'm forever killing time because I can't afford to drive back home again (why do we live in the sticks?). 1) I either-go to a park if it's nice. I bring a book while kids play-pack a picnic, bring a book. 2) Find a coffee shop, read a paper, get kid a chocolate milk. I found one with crayons and games. 3) Go to a library with a children's room. The can look at books, do puzzles. 4) Find a shady spot, eat and read while Miss Danny snoozes in her car seat. Can you bring a stroller and walk around campus for exercise? That's the sum total of my ideas. You're a good mom making sure she gets there.