Thursday, August 17, 2006

A little piece of heaven

We spent the day getting ready, driving to and enjoying Southwick Beach. It was GREAT! D and I pretty much just sat on the beach, watched the kids and talked. We had lots of good memories of MIL up there. (their old camp is less then a mile down the beach). It really hit me how much I miss her as we hit a landmark I always consider...the almost there mark.

Danielle didn't like the sand at first and tried to avoid standing on it. The lower you'd put her, the higher her knees would come up. She took quite a long nap in her stroller so I could relax a bit. When she woke up she got use to the sand. By the time the beach closed we had to watch her like a hawk! She was crawling into the waves and sticking her face into the pools the kids had dug.

We grilled hotdogs for dinner and then sat and watched the sun set. We kept having to tell kids to NOT stand infront of us and ruin our view. lol It was BEAUTIFUL as usual. At one time I turned to D and said...Poor Tom. I know he really wanted to be up there but couldn't. He'd taken too much time off recently dealing with his mom.

We packed up the vans and then the girls headed off to shower. They all had tons of seaweed and sand in their hair and suits. They washed their hair twice and still couldn't get it all out.

While waiting for the girls to finish up I sat in D's van in the front passenger seat. The door was open and D had the interior lights off. After Danielle finished nursing she stood on my lap and played with the dashboard. My eyebrow itched so I itched it. That's when Danielle decided she wanted to take a nosedive off my lap toward the paved parking lot. I screamed, grabbed at her and got her...only to have her slip out of my hand. I was sure she was gone. Somehow I managed to pin her head and shoulders between my knee and the open door, allowing me to grab her foot. She was screaming, I was shaking, D was panicing. I pulled her up by the foot and threw her into a huge bear hug, trying not to break into hysterics. Luckily she wasn't hurt (my knee smashed her pretty hard), only scared.

Then it was time to drive home. I was SO tired. I dropped off who I had to and headed home. Those last few miles were really hard. We left everything in the van until morning. I took Danielle, jumped into bed, started nursing her and went out like a light.

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