Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's back!

First, THANK YOU for all the excited well wishes at our news. It's really appreciated. While out at WM on Wed I bought an equate +/- test and got a + so it's official! I'd have bought more dollartree tests but figured it was cheaper to spend $4 for the equate then to take all the kids into the dollar store. lol

Olivia had a dentist appt on Friday and then we ran some errands. While out my cellphone rang. It was Liz letting me know that Penny the Pigeon is back! It spends most of it's time on the roof. Saturday morning Tom sat on the backsteps drinking his coffee. The pigeon kept coming in close and then fly away from him. Tom decided to prop open the back door to see what would happen.

Penny landed on the stairs near Tom then hopped up onto the threshhold and into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he flew into the playpen and waited. Tom put the container of seed in there and Penny pecked away for a looong time.

Tom and I had to run out the door for an errand. While we were away the cat happened to walk in the house, startling the pigeon. Penny jumped up and started flying around the house. The kids got worried for her and opened the door, which she flew out of. So she's on the roof right now. I need a revolving pigeon door! ;o) I'll be contacting the club secretary again later.

Danielle is still running a 4 now. Last night just as chat was ending she woke up burning up and miserable. I slept (not sure if I really should use that word in this sentence) on the couch with a very miserable baby. We didn't get a ton of sleep.

On the way home from running errands this morning I decided she was acting a lot sicker then she had all week. I called the dr and got her an appt. We rushed home, I dropped off Tom and my FIL's birthday cake and went to the dr appt. I was almost 20mins late but "luckily" they were booked solid and running behind (office hrs end at noon). As we sat there waiting for our turn...Danielle's fever broke, she started perking up...playing and talking, she started breaking out with bumps before my eyes. I pointed them out to the dr and she thinks it's roseola. I asked about chicken pox and she said same treatment, just a different note in the watch it. If the bumps get fluid filled then chicken pox, if not, roseola. Either way we've been banned from FIL's birthday party tomorrow. Oh yeah, and her throat was red so we did a throat culture, so waiting on that before deciding on meds.

Nice birthday present huh? YEP! TODAY is Danielle's 1st birthday. I can't believe she's a year old already. Seems like just yesterday I was pg. Because she's sick we're keeping it pretty low key. Jake is making brownies while I write this. No special dinner like the older kids usually get. (we're having grilled pork chops) I have a few presents stashed away for her in the closet. Tom bought her a mylar balloon while we were out. Unfortunately it flew out the open front door a while ago. Danielle's birth story

On Wednesday, Drew received his letter of entrance from a community college in the next county over. He called the financial aid office and found out his aid's coming and covers it (stafford loan will help also). He was pretty ecstatic and then the phone rang again. The Marina where his band played last summer had a wedding and for some reason they didn't have a band...could Drew's band play this Saturday afternoon. They said yes. About noon on Friday his phone rang. A bandmates sister was at work. They had no band for the night and wanted to know if they wanted to play that evening. So they did. LOL

I'm starting to feel a bit icky. I'm constantly hungry with a mix of nausea mixed in. My blood sugars have been good this time. My blood pressure is a different story. I have to admit I haven't been great about taking my meds, which I can't take while pg anyways. On Monday I'll call the dr's and try to get in ASAP. This pg is going to be interesting.

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truth said...

Well now, I just read about your exciting news! Congrats and happy birthday to Danielle! How cool is that???