Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thursday and Friday ~ Fun in the sun

I woke up bright and early with the sun each morning (like 6:15). I love when I do that and everyone else is still asleep. It's one of my favorite times....sitting outside in the sun with my cup of coffee and listening to the quiet. The only thing missing was the smell of smoke from the leftover embers of the previous nights fire. I decided to run down to the bathhouse and take a shower before Danielle woke up. I knew Liz would wake up and deal with her if she started crying while I was gone. It was nice and hot and quiet. We had breakfast and got ready for the day.

Thursdsay was geared mostly to the youth kids (12-34yo). First we had a parade around the whole grounds, past everyone's trailers. Then in the meeting hall for a children's meeting. I love hearing MC tell stories to the kids. After the meeting it was time for lunch (salami sandwiches) then the little ones and I headed down to the grill.

Our fellowship runs the grill. It's basically a candy store, snack bar, and food counter for everyone there. The kids all come with their change and clean us out of candy. The adults come for burgers, hotdogs, salt potatoes and such for lunch and dinner. At night it's nachos, rootbeer floats, burgers, dogs and salt potatoes again. Oh yeah can't forget cooler and cooler filled with ice cold drinks for sale either. Yes, we've gotten our friends from all over eastern Canada and the US (other areas as well but most are from there) addicted to the Central NY delicacy of salt potatoes. hehehe It's amazing how many they buy. And I'm including myself when I say they.

The youth had soccer and beach volleyball tournaments all afternoon. The younger kids swam, played on the playgrounds and ran around. Night found the youth in the meeting hall for the youth meeting and then out to the snack bar. While my kids played I hung out at the grill, helping out when needed but mostly visiting. The kids were very happy to climb into bed when we got back to camp and went out immediately

Friday was geared toward the little ones. We had a morning children's meeting and then it was fun time. The church rented 2 huge bouncy houses and 2 inflatable water slides. When they weren't going crazy on those (under supervision of course) they were swimming. Tom came over after dinner. :o) There was an evening youth meeting followed by fireworks.

The next day was the huge Chicken BBQ. BIL had to make enough pasta salad for 500 dinners. Tom and I helped him. Unfortunately it meant that I didn't get the little ones down at a decent time. They were REALLY exhausted before we got out of the kitchen.

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