Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm so pathetic!

My m/s has been good today....too good. LOL Now I sit here and wonder if maybe it's going away and the miscarriage is on it's way. UGH!!! I can't win! Hopefully it's just the B-6 working it's magic.

I went shopping with my SIL D today. So I'm a happy clam...I have FOOD in the house! It's amazing how much food affects my mood. I bought a few thin sliced steaks on clearance. Tomorrow I'm going to divide them up into appropriate sized servings and freeze. I won't even have to defrost them before cooking. I also bought a LOT of raw shrimp which cooks up quickly. For immediate use I have deli roast beef and a can of peanuts. I now have tuna and canned soup to grab also. PHEW!

I had a neat thing happen at the grocery store today. We were in the deli area eating lunch. D had 3 of her older girls, 3 of her younger girls and was nursing her ds. I had Eileen and Olivia with me. An older couple asked if there were any boys in the mix and I explained they were at school and told them that D had 14 kids...9 girls and 5 boys and I had 10 kids....6 girls and 4 boys. They made a comment about what great families we had and we went on our way. About 3/4 of the way into the store I ran into the lady again (she was riding in a driveable shopping cart) She stopped me and asked if I was the girl that talked to her at the deli. When I told her I was she asked if I'd ever tried the store variety of dry onion soup mix. I told her no I hadn't. She explained that if you put a packet of the soup mix in with your roast at 350degrees, she thoughts I'd really enjoy it. She then proceeded to hand me the box of soup mix with a dollar laying ontop of it and said it was her treat. LOL I tried to turn it down but she was adamant so I accepted. When we were leaving the store D asked me if I bought the box of soup mix. I said yes. She then asked...but don't you have 2 huge cans of onion soup mix at home? I said yes, but it's what the lady wanted me to buy so I bought it.

A neat thing that occurred was that our conversation caused the aisle to be blocked. I could see a middleaged lady standing behind the older lady getting impatient with what was going on. By the time we were done with our conversation and the onion soup lady drove away...the impatient lady was standing there beaming. :oD

I went a LONG time without eating today..not a good thing. I ate breakfast at 7:30 and didn't get to eat lunch until 2:30. I can NOT do that again! I felt like crud! I tested my sugar before eating because I thought it would be really low. It was 125. All I had for lunch was a small fried chicken breast and a 3"x3" piece of pepperoni pizza. An hour later it tested out to 201.

The good news is that tonight it was only 125 after dinner. But then again, dinner was over a long amount of time and I didn't eat tons either. (1/4 ruben sandwich, salad with blue cheese and italian dressing)

Rest of the day numbers....
1 hr after lunch....201
1.5hr after dinner..125

I'm hoping tomorrow is a snow day. We're suppose to get hammered with a storm tonight and freezing rain in the morning. The kids wore their clothes inside out when they went to bed (tradition in our district to cause a snow day). Guess I'd always be wearing my clothes inside out though...I'm always hoping for a snow day! LOL

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