Wednesday, January 19, 2005

OK....I think it's me

The day has continued whether I want it to or not. LOL And momma ain't too happy! I'm a hormonal wreck tonight...on edge and crying a few times. My guess is that I was on the verge of what tonight was full of when I was at the dr.

After being home a bit this afternoon I really felt down. I'd bought a few clearance previously viewed dvds at the grocery store and insisted the Drew and Pat throw in You Got Served. It did the trick!!! :oD I was in a better mood before the introduction ended. I LOVE dancing and music! The kids are laughing at me now because they can see little bits of the dance steps coming out in me while I'm walking around the house Woohooo! A overweight, pg, almost 40yo flygirl! Where's my short shorts?

Unfortunately my hormonal self also lost it on the kids this evening. They were interested in seeing some videos on the DVDs I bought and not helping me in the kitchen and making dinner. I threatened them that I was about to play Little Red Hen (didn't help so can't eat/have any) and go Medievil on them. That got them moving! They moved so fast I got upset and jumped into bed for a good cry...until.....

Val, Carrie and Liz had a major altercation which brought me out of my pity party and my room but didn't change my demeanor. Another viewing of You Got Served did wonders. LOL!

I realized I forgot to post my numbers for the last few days. So I'll do it now....

Tuesday 1/18

Wednesday 1/19

116=sugar free ice cream...not good for bedtime snack!
155=afternoon snack missed and dinner not planned well, maybe I should just forget the SF ice cream all together. :o(


Chris said...

I think I *need* that movie too. ;-)

(((HUGS))) Hope you have a much better day today.

Kathy said...

Hey Kim.
Hope you are feeling better. I think that most male doctors really don't know how to respond to us hormonal females. I really like my OB, and I believe he cares about my emotional state when I'm pregnant, but I'm not sure they really know what to do or say, if that makes sense. When I burst into tears after an u/s for bleeding at 9 weeks that showed a baby(and they weren't really what you would call happy tears, more like OH why am I doing this again,as all the fears came racing back in from my previous losses etc.) he did try to understand and said some kind things and he did have me come back in two weeks to make sure I wasn't a total basket case. Thankfully I had composed myself by then. But ultimatly I'm not sure they really get why we are doing it again etc. if we feel this way.

Also I think the amnio decision is really up to you. I've had 3. One with the baby we lost, and one each time with Anna and Jack. To me they were a piece of cake, but I had them done by a perinatologist at a large hospital and I would only ever have them done there by a peri. I want someone who spends every day doing them, which is what he does. I'm sure you know but they can only tell you about chromosone problems, which happen in the first days of pregnancy as the cells are dividing and they can check the level for AFP for spina bifida. They can also do some extra tests if you are at risk for things like CF, but they aren't routinely done. What kind of Birth Defects can untreated GD in the early weeks cause?

Anyways you have to feel comfortable with your doc. That's very important. Do you feel he will be receptive to respecting your wishes regarding, routine testing, and procedures at birth? Is he listening to you? Do you think he's competant to handle problems.

When I had Anna, my own OB delivered her (on his off call day btw) and he made sure the nurse knew exactly what I wanted. We had talked breifly about a few things important to me at a previous visit and I was really pleased that he had listened and remembered and actually relayed my wishes. Those are the type of things that can make a big difference.

The doctor that delivered Jack was a bit of an anal control freak, and I don't think I could go through a pregnancy with someone like him.

Gee is there a limit to the length of replies on blogs?LOL This got very long.

Hey great news about the type two diabetes.

I'm here cheering for you Kim. I hope that things settle down and you begin to feel well and enjoy this special time.(((HUGS))))