Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dr appt today

I'm 6w6d and onto my 3rd dr appt. The dr did assure me that once we have my glucose levels regulated, my appts should start spacing out more. PHEW! I have another one set for a week from tomorrow.

The great news first! My Hb A1C was 5.4! Woohoo! Normal is 4 - 6. With diabetes under control being under 7.something is acceptable. This rates my glucose control over the last 3 months. So it looks like my worries of being Type II diabetic before pg and this just bringing it to the forefront isn't a worry. So PHEW!

My blood pressure was 110/70! That's unheard of in my history! LOL But I'll take it! One less thing we have to worry about!

I lost 7lbs in the last week. I'm not so sure that's such a great thing. I'm worried about not eating enough for the sake of good numbers. I'm going to pay attention to exactly how much I eat this next week...including calories (know I needed 2200cals in previous pg before I gained anything) If I was eating normallly or wasn't eating due to m/s I would say it was ok...and I have lost in the beginning before. It's just that I'm not eating normally for me and am holding back. I'm not starving but if there's a chance I can eat more...I'll take it! LOL

OK..onto the dr and how it went. I've never had an appt with this guy but my SIL, D, LOVES him. I love ML the midwife he works with. The first impression wasn't too hot. I left the appt, went out into the car and started crying. It wasn't REALLY upsetting...just a hormonal lady dealing with a lot that got her feefees hurt I think. I do want to talk to him about it next week though. Just hope I have the guts to go through with it. Ready for the loooong vent/whine?.....

I showed him the difference in the numbers of my breakfast's tests after I started waiting to eat until 30mins after taking my morning insulin. (they were GOOD when before they were still high) I made the mistake of telling him I got the info on when to inject online. He responds with....You shouldn't believe everything you read online. You're to do your injections just before eating breakfast as we TOLD you to.

Well the problem is...he didn't tell me to! When he gave me the directions for the insulin he'd popped into the room between appts (I was seen by the MW). He said I want you to do 6 units...twice a day. I I do it when I first get up and then again about 12 hrs later. He said...yes, something like that. He suggested I get the insulin pens and come back the next day so he could show me how to do it. He also suggested I could just have the Pharmacist show me. I chose the pharmacist as I didn't want to go into their office 4 times in a week. (had other appts for different things there too) So I felt like a little kid who was in trouble.

I'd been reading a blog of someone taking insulin from the beginning of her pg and she mentioned the waiting period. Having high numbers after breakfast I then looked up info and found the info on WedMD It seemed legit info to me. And it worked!!! (taking Novolin 70/30) BTW...I know he would have can call and ask...but it was a Sunday and I tried it on a trial basis. I kept it up when it was shown to work.

I asked him about getting nutritional counseling. It'd been mentioned at both appts previously but I didn't have an appt yet. I mentioned that I was concerned with eating enough and losing 7lbs in a wk made me really wonder. Also that I'd gained 5lbs the week BEFORE that. He said...welcome to pregnancy. HUH?

When I mentioned that "this pg is kicking my butt" one time and "thrown me for a loop" another. He didn't even wonder what I meant or ask how so. You'd think he'd wonder exactly what the problem was and see if he could suggest anything to make it easier, wouldn't you?

I told him my concerns about not eating enough so that the numbers would be good. He said the best monitor of whether I'm eating enough is the glucometer. he said if I eat too much or something I shouldn' the bowl of cap'n' crunch he doesn't want to know about, then the numbers will show. HUH again!?! Because if my insulin dose is too low...then I'd have to starve myself to have good numbers. The MW also chastised me the week before not to eat for the numbers. It perturbed me that he made inference that I wasn't eating right when I've been REALLY good and have been too restrictive if anything. I guess it bugs me that he hasn't acknowledged that I'm doing good on my diet. (although he did say that we're doing good on getting the fasting numbers down 20pts in a week) I don't even know if he realizes I'm following a diet! We haven't really talked about diet and I think it's not such a hot thing.

We talked about the increased risk of birth defects due to first trimester high glucose levels. He mentioned that we only have about 2 wks to worry about it so much. I mentioned that I wondered if this increased risk made the thought of an amnio a more important thought. He asked how old I was...said you're almost have to have an amnio and that the procedure was a piece of cake. (or something simliar) I asked whether a level II u/s would check for things caused by diabetes just as well. He said no...downs doesn't show up on u/s very well. Well Downs is on the BOTTOM of the list of problems I'm concerned about. So I wouldn't do an amnio just to find out about downs. I was concerned about neural and heart mostly. Well an amnio won't detect heart problems he says...I realize that...but a level II will right? UGH! It was just a confusing conversation and I felt weird. It kinda ended with a pg pause and him have some things to think about. Me saying...yeah I guess I do.

I'm starting to wonder if 10:15 is such a good time for my dr appts. It's just before my snack is due and I usually feel like crud by the time I get out of there. I almost wonder if half the problem today was how I took things. I'm actually hoping that is it because I don't want to look for a different dr now. And like I said earlier...I love the MW.

I went to the grocery store quickly and when I got back the nutritionist called to set up an appt with me. She was impressed that Dr B called her himself. So that's a good sign ;o) I can't get in to see her until the 31st. I made the appt then realized that Drew and Pat will be going to classes then and I might not have a car. Not sure of their schedules yet. GRRR!

Well enough whining for now I guess. Back to real life...hungry people to feel.

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