Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's for a reason!

M/S and headaches are taking a toll on me and I'm trying not to complain too much. I know I'm blessed and some people would die to be in my shoes. I truly am thankful that I'm pg. I really thought it would never happen again. So while I'm tempted to complain...I'm trying to "enjoy" it for what it is...a new baby developing!!! One thing that is hard for me to get used to though is that I've been sleeping a lot the last few days. To me sleep has always been a waste of time and still is, but I know it's for a reason now. I went to bed at 1am woke up today at 7, went back to bed at 9 and woke back up at noon. HALF the day gone! UGH! I can't remember the last time I slept that late. Pat and Drew will be home for the next few weeks so at least I can nap when I need to when the kids are in school. After they go back to classes it'll be harder because I'll be alone with Olivia.

I think I've gotten past the OMG stage. Now reality is starting to creep into my thoughts. Oh no! I don't know if I have anything to wear once my belly is big. I'm going to have to buy diapers! Fun things creep in too like...I'll have to buy the baby a whole new wardrobe. Everything has been weeded out of the house over the last 4 yrs. People are already asking me if I'll find out what I'm having. I'm always on the fence about whether I will or won't. This time though I think it's best to find out ahead of time...easier to go shopping.

As usual, everything is guessing I'll have twins. This usually continues until an u/s shows it to be a singleton. Luke and Jake want me to have twin boys so that we'll be even at 6 each. It better be twins because I doubt Tom will allow this to happen again and I always vowed I'd never have an odd number of kids!!! ;o)

I remembered something this morning. I weighed myself at my parents on Tues and found I lost 5lbs. I jokingly thought...time to get pg. EVERYTIME I lose 5lbs...I end up pg. Guess this time isn't any different. LOL My MIL said she had a fleeting thought on Christmas Eve that if she didn't know any better she'd think I was pg because my complexion was so clear. An online friend said she's had a nagging suspicion that I'd soon have a positive hpt and she's usually right about those things. And of course, Christi's been praying and wishing for me to be pg for YEARS now! LOL I guess I didn't have a chance to be anything but!

Well, falling asleep into my keyboard. Time for bed

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chel said...

Congratz!!!!!!May you have a beautiful pregnancy to welcome a beautiful Baby (or two,lol)