Wednesday, January 05, 2005

*GAG!* Updated

I do have to admit the m/s wasn't so bad today. It was still there but not as overwhelming as the last few days. Maybe the B-6 is helping already?

After doing my bG test after my lunch I broke down and made cream of tomato soup...YUMMMM! I really enjoyed it at least. I then fell into bed for an hour or so nap. 2hrs after the soup I tested and was 167, not so hot (120 at 2hrs is the limit). I found three small steaks that weighed about 1/2 lb each that I found on clearance. So I broiled them up along with a pot of garlic egg noodles and canned corn. I felt like such a heal to take a hunk of steak and only leave the kids a small sliver each. I think I'm going to have to get used to it. :o( I feel like a shmuck.

I went to the volleyball game with Pat. My MIL, J, Jjr ended up showing up. MIL is NOT someone you want sitting next to you in a game. She kept saying...why did they give them the ball, why did they give them a point. LOL I tested at the game and it as 173 bummer! If this doesn't get under control I'm insulin for sure! Chances are by 24wks it'll be a reality eitherway.

Jjr spent the night. Drew and Pat decided that since Jjr was here, they'd see if D's oldest son B could stay too. He could...they passed me in the hall at 6:30 this morning going up to bed. Oh to be a teen again. LOL

My original plan was to leave for grocery shopping as soon as I get the second trip kids out the door. Not sure I want to do that now that my babysitters have JUST gone to bed. Eileen is up, still coughing and already complaining that she doesn't feel good. Even if she stays home from school, I don't want to take her to the grocery store with me hacking her brains out! So now I'll have to rethink's too early to think!

This morning's numbers were the same as yesterday...127. I had a GD ok'ed breakfast this AM but had to GAG it down. UGH! It's for the baby! At least the veggie/tomato juice was yummy. :o) It was the 2 scrambled eggs that got me, even with them slathered in ketchup and on a piece of toast. Usually I LOVE eggs when I'm first pg. It's been something I've used as a sign of pregnancy. (thinking...I was dying for eggs yesterday...hmmmm what's the date? Hmmmmm I think I'm pg) NOT this time!!! Oh well, I guess we'll see what it does to me in half an hour or so.

Time to get the kids up for school (if there are any going).

Numbers from lunch til present...

2hrs after soup.......167
1hr after dinner......173
Fasting 1/5...........127
1hr after breakfast...176

OH yeah! It's the 5th....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my online friend...Ma!!!
Fingers crossed for you today Christi!!! Stay high my friend!

*added* Test results after breakfast. Boo!

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