Friday, January 07, 2005

5 wks down....35 to go!

LOL! When I put the ticker up above and saw that I had 245 days left, my eyes bugged out of my head. It seems so long! Next thing I know...I'll be did it get here so fast.

Today I'm feeling more m/s'y then yesterday but not as bad as the first few days. My breasts have also been tender lately. I could have sworn I've felt BH contrax! At least my pelvic area gets tight for a bit. Happened a few times last night while watching tv and a few times this morning while chatting.

Dinner last night...145
Fasting 1/7...109
snack...86, 112, 94 (all done within a minute)

If Pat doesn't go down to the volleyball game (it's away today) then I might run to WM and try to see if I can find a BP cuff. It's bugging me that I don't know what it is.

I've done VERY little around here and it's showing. I'm not even using being pg as an excuse. I've just been lazy. I'm hoping this weekend to get things in order a bit and start a chore list for the kids. I feel like I need to get them trained so they can handle things if I have to go on bedrest.

I've already told Luke that if I'm on bedrest...I'm stealing his Game Boy Advance and buying a Kingdom Hearts game for it. He wants to know why I have to wait until I'm put to bed to do it. LOL I'm kind of agreeing with him.

I think I'm making spaghetti with meatsauce and garlic bread for dinner. I think I'll cook up some shrimp for myself. I'm sure that'll fly well. Oh well, they're going to have to get used to it. Next thing I know they'll all be begging to start the Atkins or South Beach Diet so they can eat low carb with me. :o)

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