Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not an encouraging start to the day...

It's only 8:30 and I'm already not a happy camper. My bloodsugar numbers STINK!!!

Fasting....125 (normal is 100 or 90)
After breakfast...218 (had an Arby's reg sandwich)

I'm trying not to let the numbers rule me. I know I still need to eat, but it's hard! I just want them go to down. I can feel my sugar affecting me. Shakey and foggy head when it's high. Shakey and starving when it's low. Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and just go back to bed for a while! LOL

I need to get to the store. I NEED some protein food in the house. Also Eileen has what Jake had on New Year's day (fever and yucky cough) and I'm out of children's tylenol or ibuprofen. I could do with some tylenol for myself too. All I have is Ibuprofen. Not to mention I need to find my large cuffed blood pressure monitor. Val has a volleyball game tonight at 7:30!!! It's CRAZY to be playing so late..but that's what it is.


Chris said...

I hope you feel well enough to get to the store this morning!
One of the hardest things for me about pregnancy is the need to sleep SO much... although I suspect that it is more like what normal people do. I too view sleep as a huge waste of time and generally sleep very little when not pregnant.

Kathy said...

((((HUGS))) Kim. I hope all your numbers fall into line. Can I ask you a question about your b/p. As you know I had some pretty high numbers at the end of my pregnancy. He's 9 days old today and they are still up there a bit. 145/96 at first and then the top number dropped down to 123 wehn I sat for 5 minutes but the bottom number still hovers around 92 or 93. Do you think I'm doomed to high b/p or is there still a chance this will correct with a bit of time?

I'm not overweight, I know I drink far too much coffee and love sweets. But I am seriously willing to do anything to help this and I prefer to do it without having to take meds. Not that they are terrible, just that I want to manage this if I can. I was looking for herbs and stuff and see that garlic and a few things help, but with nursing I'm so leary of taking much of anything.

Ok so I know this is your blog:-), not mine,lol, but I know you have some experience here.

Thinking low numbers for you........