Saturday, January 01, 2005

A whole week! Oops ...Sunday through Wednesday

I didn't realize I'd gotten so behind on things here. Between the kids being home all week and being busy I haven't had time to sit here long enough to write. I'll try to wrap up most of the week quickly here and move on to other things. ;o)

For the first time in my life...I LOVE MY BED! It's the most comfy thing I've ever laid on before. I find myself in there laying on it on and off through out the day. The kids don't know where to find me. LOL

Carrie is doing lots better musclewise. She says it's stiff but doesn't hurt like it did. So I think she'll be ok. I still don't know what it was that she experienced. I'll have to remember to bring it up at her next clinic appt.

Sunday was busy but a good day. We cleaned all day and the house looks GREAT! I cooked a ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes (one pan with onions, one pan without), and had lots of snacks out. My sister and her family came over along with my parents. We all had a good time visiting and I ended up keeping 2 of my sister's 3 girls.

E fell down the stairs about 10:30pm and had a pretty good size egg on the back of her head. I put some ice on it and it seemed to help. Although when she tried to put it on her pillow it hurt. For some reason it didn't hurt in my bed and on my pillow she slept with me. LOL

Monday and Tuesday
The girls stayed with us until Tues. On Tues night E started crying for her mom about 9:30. I didn't really feel like driving for over an hour so she could go home so I climbed into my bed with her, Eileen and Olivia. Tom fell asleep on the couch and climbed in in the middle of the night. I got up to go to the bathroom and found my spot taken. So curled up at the bottom of the bed for an hour or so.

We had my nephew S stay over on Monday too. S and Jake are bestest friends and have been since birth. Unfortunately they aren't in the same grade so don't see each other too much in school.

On Tuesday I took my sister's girls home and then stopped by my parent's house to tutor my parents on the computer. I brought along Michelle and Val so they could test the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup samples I bought them and my mom. They'll be getting fullsize ones soon. I don't think my mom was too keen on them (she's the one I bought it for mainly!) Although she hadn't prepped her face properly before applying it.

When I got home I found out that S had gotten permission to spend another night but then called his mom a few hours later to get picked up because he didn't feel good. I thought he was homesick. I found out on Thursday that when he got home he had a 101 degree fever. OOPS! Poor kid! Looks like Jake is starting to get what Sam had today. :o( Oh well, it was only a matter of's epidemic around here (really bad cough and fever)

I was beat after going non stop for the last week or so. I decided I was going to get into my pjs and just relax all day. And I did...until Tom got home. He came running in from his work truck telling me that his baby brother C was on his way to our house. C was picking Tom up to take him to the Riveredge Resort in Alexandria Bay. C had won 3...$250 gift certificates to the resort and they expired on Thursday. SIL, D and her dh had used one the Wednesday before Christmas and C had 2 left. Tom asked if I wanted to go and I said NO WAY! I'm not staying with C and J and you in a room! He then explained that he was going to ask if we could buy one of the $250 certificates off of him and we'd get our own room. OOOOOOOOH! That's a different story. OK, if it's ok with him.

C got to our house and Tom talked to him. A few minutes later Tom came in telling me to throw a few things into a bag...we were going. YIPPPEEE! It took me 5 minutes. (already got dressed when I heard C was coming) Oh the joys of having kids old enough to stay home alone and take care of things.

We got there at 8pm which left little time to enjoy everything. Restaurant, pool and jacuzzi closed at 9, bar closed at 10. Tom and I decided to spring for a jacuzzi room since we couldn't use the public one....ahhhhhh! We closed down the restaurant and bar with lots of good things to eat and drink. Our waitress lucked out as we were big spenders with our gift certificates. Tom and I left her a $20 tip, BILs left her a $40 one. Not too shabby for less then a hour's worth of work, although she did have to work a bit for it.

I couldn't fall asleep and tossed and turned until 2:30am. Finally I got up and turned on the tv and watched the food network until 4:30 when I started getting sleepy. We HAVE to get cable if it ever comes through here so I can watch the food network all day!!!! LOL

After eating breakfast on Thurs morning we left with $1.31 credit. Talk about perfect planning. Although I'd have happily spent some of my own money if we needed to. We were home by 11am on Thursday. C had to get home and Tom had to go into work in the afternoon (he has no vacation days left until his anniversary in May). I was immediately slapped with reality as everyone tried to get my attention at once. It was nice to be away, but also nice to be home.

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