Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hormones are winning...

I'm feeling a little better seeing as m/s is here again but not really bad. Gee, who'd have thunk I'd WANT to feel sick? LOL I've also felt totally on edge feelings wise.

I mentioned in chat this morning that I got scared last night when I had pain in my right side on the way home from grocery shopping. I was thinking it was ectopic. Christi and ma told me about Corpus Luteum Cyst of Pregnancy. I reacted by totally breaking down into tears. You'd think that having done this so many times already I'd have it down pat.

I'm not so sure I want to believe my glucose monitor now. I woke up at 6:20 to see if the kids had the day off (they did but probably didn't need to...I'll take it anyways). While up I tested my fasting and it came up 125. I went back to bed and got back up at 9:30...retook my fasting and got 137. hmmmmm I went and washed my hand and retook it...102 MUCH better. But which is right? Did it again....114...again....126 UGH! Now what do I do? I poked my finger each time in a different place and even different finger. All around...I think my numbers are getting better though and I don't feel like I'm starving within an that's good!

Here's today's so far....

126 you decide

1hr after breakfast...146
1hr after lunch....140!!! (Finally one that hits the limit instead of over!)

I'm thinking of creating a food log, along with my numbers. Trying to decide if it's worth the work and if I'll keep it up. It'd be nice to have everything in one place and just be able to print it off to show the dr or nutritionist at my appts.


Kathy said...

Ouch Kim your poor fingers. I'm glad your numbers are a bit better. You sound like me the day my b/p was so high at 160/102 at the docs and I bought the monitor. I kept taking it a billion times, laying down, sitting up, etc. Lots of different numbers, so what does one believe.

Anyways I really hope you can avoid the insulin at least for a while and yep I vote for a cyst too:-)

Lisa said...

Come on kmom, post your meals. I love obsessing with other people. Seriously, I hope the numbers keep improving.