Saturday, January 01, 2005

The rest of the story

I woke up at 5am Fri morning having to go pee. It hit me that I've been having to get up in the middle of the night the last few days. I forgot that I wanted to retest in the morning with FMU and didn't save anything....oh well. I retested when I got up at 8:30 and it did the EXACT same thing as Thurs night. So I'll consider it a true test! :oD

Thursday night after dinner I was a bit queasy and kept saying...I'm going to barf. Well duh! Friday it hit me full force. Most people would be excited to be a sign of pg. Why it makes me uneasy is that the ONLY time I had m/s bad was the pregnancy I miscarried. I had it immediately and hard. So this time having the same thing so soon has left me a bit on edge. Michelle suggested that perhaps it's twins. LOL Guess that will be a guess and hope until the first u/s proves it wrong. I'm hoping it's the fact that my body hasn't dealt with pg hormones in so long it's in shock. I'll even accept that my age is making it worse if it means that m/c'ing isn't the reason!

We told all the kids this morning. Olivia started kissing my stomach and saying...I love you baby!!! Eileen kept coming up to me all day and asking me....Mommy...are you REALLY going to have a baby? LOL They are full of questions and concerns.

I called my regular doctor and told him. I wasn't sure if I was to start immediately with a perinatologist or with a regular OB. He said I could go to a regular OB and see what their opinion is. YEAH! So there's hope that I won't be micromanaged and spend it laid up! I haven't had a GYN exam since Olivia's been born (bad I know) so don't have an OB anymore. My regular OBs aren't practicing and I'm not sure that they'd accept my insurance anyways...was an HMO when I was there. I'm hoping to get into the practice that my SIL D is in. At least I know he's dealt someone with as many pg as I've had...seeing as D has had 16 of them. I called the office but got an answering service. Guess they're closed for New Year's Eve. I'll call on Mon morning.

As I was getting ready to go to church, the phone rang. It was my online friend Christi!!! What a great surprise! It was so nice to talk to her and here her voice for real. I so hope that she is joining me in the pg circle soon. Fingers and toes crossed for her. After all, me being pg is HER fault! LOL For years she's silently been sitting on the sidelines cheering me into being pg.

We went to church for a New Year's Feast. It was delicious! But I couldn't enjoy it too much. :o( I brought some crackers to nibble on when I got queasy. I think I'm going to need something different. Something with more protein, like peanuts. I probably would do best to try to stick with my Gestation Diabetes diet from the start. I had GD with Carrie, Jake, Eileen and Olivia. They think Luke's pg might have been a missed GD pg since I had polyhydraminos and he was 10lbs. With Olivia they were threatening we'll be trying to avoid that this time too.

We had fun at church and stayed until 12:30. The kids didn't want to go home but I needed to get to bed! I'm such a party pooper!

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