Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finally getting to update....

Sorry! I've either been gone or too wiped out to update.

Monday was spent shopping and recouping. I actually had to recoup on Tues too. I can't believe how tired I've been!

Wednesday was spent at the OB's in the morning, at the dentist with a couple of kids in the afternoon. I visited my parents after the dentist and got home about 8:30pm. Just in time to get everyone to bed. Lucky me! LOL

My dr appt went as I thought it would. I measured what I should have, so SIL is wrong and I'm not further along then I thought I was. (her reasoning for me having symptoms so quickly and so bad). I thought I'd lost weight both before getting pregnant and this week with eating low carbs. I GAINED! I am now at my highest weight ever, and it's only going to get worse. :o( Guess I better get used to it. I know it's what's suppose to happen but I still don't WANT it to! I really need to get moving and into better shape. I'll need to talk to Tom about joining the local rec center. They have a pool, indoor track, gym and weight room.

They took one look at my glucose levels and told me I was done! I'm on insulin 2x a day now. It's a small dose and hopefully it'll do the trick. It should help me feel better and be able to eat more variety. Although I still have to watch my carbs and sweet intake...just not restrict them as much as I was. I did my first dose this morning and it wasn't too bad. The urge to hold back from poking myself was hard to get past but I hardly felt anything. It's bugging me more now itches.

The MW mentioned I'll probably end up on an oral med for diabetes after pregnancy. I always figured I'd have to deal with it eventually. Just wish it was later in life. Oh well, at least it's getting taken care of. I've seen what uncontrolled diabetes can do and I do NOT want to end up on dialysis 3x a wk like my MIL!

I have another appt for next week. I can't believe how much I've been in already and I won't even be 7wks! All I keep thinking is...this is going to be a looooong pregnancy! Guess I just have to vow to enjoy it as much as I can. The chances of it happening again are not great. (but as I say and am proof of...never say never lol)

The kids were watching the newer Cheaper by the Dozen movie. When the mom mentioned that the last pg was twins making it #11 and 12, they decided that it would be neat if that's what happened to us! I'd agree with them normally but right now all I keep thinking body can NOT handle a twin pg!!! So as usual...until my first sono shows only a singleton...twins will be wished for, by most.

Right this second I'm ready for a nap! I'm hoping that will change once I get some more food into me (had a light breakfast). I'd really like to get this house in shape! Especially my bedroom. It's the WORSE room and one I rarely touch. I keep thinking...if I get put on would be nice if I had a nice place to be in! I wouldn't mind starting to paint either. The little girl's room upstairs and my bedroom never got touched when I painted the whole house...ok most of it...before Drew's graduation party in '02. I have the paint for my room in the basement...just never used it. Wonder if it's still ok?

It was a good thing I was keeping my numbers in my blogs. I went to leave for my appt yesterday and discovered my book with my readings wasn't in my glucometer's case! I had to go online and get them out of my blogs. LOL I knew it would come in handy! And the good thing about my numbers guilt that I didn't maintain it! I can't get behind...just start back in again! :o)

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