Monday, January 03, 2005

Called the OB today

I explained about my history and they had me come in this afternoon for a test and a nurse visit. I loved the office and they were great to deal with. Here's my newest test...isn't it purty?

I saw the CMW/nurse, unfortunately she already let me know I won't see her very much due to my complications. My blood pressure was a tad high but better the second time she took it. (second time was 132/84, she said the first systolic was over diastolic number)She put it off to me being excited. I put it off as to me feeling like garbage! I'm always shaking and nauseated. I need to buy a home monitoring kit, only problem is that I need to find a LARGE cuff. I'll try and find it in the next few days. We changed my blood pressure meds. I'm now on Labetalol which is what I was on with Olivia. We'll see if it's working well next week. I can stay on my diuretic.

She prescribed me some killer horse pills for my prenatal vitamins! They are combined with time released B-6 vitamins so should help my m/s a bit. If not she suggested seabands and then move onto B-6 shots. Said that although it's not too bad right now, I'm early and it might get worse. Won't say these are purty!

When I mentioned that the only other time I was this sick, this early was my m/c. She corrected me and told me it's usually a GOOD sign to be sick when pg. I told her I know....just not what's the norm for me. She said, well until proven otherwise, we'll consider it a good sign.

I am now the proud owner of a glucometer. I have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day...fasting, when I first wake up and an hour after each main meal. I did my first test tonight after dinner and it wasn't very good. 200mg/dL when normal is 140. I retested at 2 hrs after meal and it still hadn't dropped too much, was at 195 (normal is 120). I'm hoping it was because we had Arby's for dinner. I'm hoping to stick to what I can remember of the GD diet, starting tomorrow. I've been trying to stick with low carb/high protein foods anyways these last few days. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow, otherwise I'll probably be heading to insulin injections. Not that it's a terrible thing...I'd just prefer to handle it with diet.

I have another appt for 1 wk when we'll do my prenatal bloodwork and initial exam/pap smear/visit. Unfortunately it'll still be a little too early for a good u/s, I'll be a day short of 6wks.

I hope no one minds but I may be using my blog to keep notes of my numbers everyday. Easier to find when I know where it is and no one can pick it up and walk away with it. Who knows might go the way of my food blog (which I really intended to start back up this week!)

Olivia heard I was going to the drs today and got all excited. She started yelling...Momma's gonna get her baby out today!!! Poor thing...she's got a loooong wait in store for her.

Well screaming at the kids from my computer chair to GO TO BED isn't need to get up.

Next appt....Wed, Jan 12th @ 10:15am

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Lisa said...

Sorry you're feeling so puky. I'm sending feel better vibes. I'd set those horse pills on a shelf and forget about 'em. Take care of you and the wee one.