Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rambling thoughts...I have a ton of them

running through my brain but it doesn't seem to want to come out very easily. Let's see if I can get it out and make it sound coherent. LOL

First....I had a fasting sugar that came under 100 this morning! Woohooo! To be exact it was 95. I was worried that it would be high because it seemed like I ate a LOT yesterday (in calories, not amounts). I started tracking what I was eating at I wanted to see if I was truly following what I remember of the GD diet....2200 cals. I've gone over those cals but I'm not concerned about that right at the moment. Here's my fitday page

I've been feeling a bit better but not enough to make me worried that I'm heading for a m/c. I've managed to stay awake for the most part.....most days. I've noticed the last few days that my blood pressure has gone up a bit but it's still ok. I've been consistantly getting 134/86 or 88 at all times of the day. We better not trade one problem for another! (getting sugar under control to then have to mess with my bp meds).

Kathy, thanks for the great note. I've been going to email you but it seems I can do either blog or emails...not both. I have NO idea why! So I'll respond here. Actually thank you VERY much for asking about the diabetes and birth defects.

Birth defects associated with uncontrolled blood glucose levels pre-pregnancy and during the 1st trimester include...the brain, spinal cord, heart, and gastrointestinal tract. Here's a section of one study on it...

In the November issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Sheffield and her colleagues report that out of 145,196 women who delivered babies during the study period, 2,687 (almost 2%) had diabetes. Of those, 410 (0.3%) were diagnosed with diabetes before they conceived.

Infants were born with malformations to 1.5% of women without diabetes, to 1.2% of women with mild diabetes that developed during pregnancy, and to 4.8% and 6.1% of women with more severe forms of diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy and those with pre-existing diabetes, respectively.

Sheffield and colleagues calculated that women with pre-existing diabetes or severe diabetes that develops during pregnancy are between 3 and 4 times more likely than other women to give birth to infants with birth defects.

Dr. Sheffield explained that the risk of birth defects in women with diabetes results from the mother's relatively high glucose levels right before conceiving and during the first few months of pregnancy.

I found this Q&A
What are the chances of birth defects with a A1c of 6.8?
Remember my A1c was 5.4! :o) And while my numbers aren't where we want them, they're really not that bad and much better then 3 wks ago! So looking up specific things has left me feeling a bit better now about it. Thanks again!

As for my dr. I do think most of the visit was jaded by me getting offended with the "don't believe everything you read online" comment in the beginning of the appt. My raging hormones that day didn't help either. I talked with my SIL D yesterday about how it went and Dr B. She said if I'm looking for someone to hover over me...he's not the one to go to. He's laid back and pretty patient. That's exactly WHY I wanted him. I want a dr that isn't going to be shipping me off to the peri as soon as my numbers start climbing. With Olivia's pg they kept sending me to the peri because they thought I needed to get on insulin (started at 17wks). Peri kept saying...I don't see it yet..until the 34th wk when it was too close to delivery to take the time to regulate my insulin intake (would be time to induce by the time we had it right). I don't want someone who's going to say....ok you're 36wks...we should start thinking about inducing you. I know from her experience he's not pitocin/induction crazy. I also want to deliver at the local/closer smaller hospital instead of the huge city ones. So he's what I want.

I admitted to D that if the dr had mentioned the cap n' crunch comment to me without previously offending me. I'd probably have laughed. I know I'd laugh about it now. I still have some issues with some of the things he said about my glucose levels and using numbers to determine whether I'm eating enough. So I do have some things I will talk to him about. I just don't know if it's so important for me to justify my actions of going online for info or not. Although I might let him know that I am respectful of professional opinions and not looking to undermine his every word with info online.

Drew and Pat start classes this week which could be a problem. I'm so used to having the car whenever I need it...I made appts for my convenience, instead of when I'll have the car. I need to get their schedules and see what's what. I have a dr and have to take kids to the dentist this week.

Speaking of the dentist....WHAT was I thinking!?!? Last week I figured I'd remake my appt I missed in October and try to get in while kids had appts. They had an opening for the past Thurs and I took it. I think I momentarily lost my mind! While brushing my teeth (major accomplishment here) to get ready to go it hit me. HOW was I going to survive someone's hand in my mouth? I'm happy to say that the appt was a quick one and I survived. The hygentist said that whoever deals out this stuff must have thought I had enough stress in my life to deal with because the cleaning was super easy this time (never happens with me!) I do have 3 cavities (knew about one already) but the dentist won't work on them until I'm well into my 5th month. So it's put on hold until May. PHEW!

Now onto my numbers...

Thursday 1/20

Friday 1/21
Dinner......148....1.5hrs after

Saturday 1/22
Breakfast...143....1.5 hrs

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