Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well Lunch is better...

although now I'm wondering if I'm getting good numbers falsely...by not eating enough. I had a can of crabmeat in butter and lemon. A lot more meat then I probably was entitled too but nothing else. And now I'm HUNGRY after an hour has passed.

Lunch level was....121! Let's just hope that it stays that way.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support. It means a lot to me!


I've had my bp up shortly after birth. Actually I've had it where my bp didn't get high until AFTER delivery (in the hospital still...2 or 3 days). It was fine at my 6wk appt. There is a chance that it could stay that way but most likely when you go in for your 6wk checkup it'll be down.

You have to remember...you are still recouping!!! So give yourself some time to heal and baby yourself! (I know....easier said then done) I'll be praying for you. The fact that you've had bp problems during pg increases your risk factor for it in your later years. I've been told the best way to avoid it is to eat healthy and EXERCISE!

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Kathy said...

Oh I'm happy your lunch number looked so good. I'm sure it must be stressful having to start out so early in a pregnancy worrying about all these numbers. Thanks for the info. I will try not to stress about it too much now and hope that it all is fine and good by my 6 weeks appointment. I'm hoping to start my "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD by next week if I'm continuing to feel good so maybe that will help. It's so hard to eat healthy what with all those yummy foods to bake.LOL.

I'm keeping you and your little one in my prayers. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!