Wednesday, June 22, 2005

3rd trimester musings

I'm getting to the point of thinking of having this baby. Not that I WILL have this baby anytime soon. (nor do I want to!) Just that I'm starting to think about it and need to start getting ready for it. Technically from here on out I COULD have this baby if things turn on me. They usually don't but I've always been told to be ready because they could...especially concerning the blood pressure issues.

Going early scares the pants off of me. Without induction I tended to go to 41 or 42 wks. Most of my pregnancies when blood pressure and gestational diabetes were an issue, I've been induced on my due date. When they told me they were inducing Olivia at 38wks I thought for sure it would be like she was really 3 to 4 wks early. I was scared senseless! Luckily I was wrong. I'm still not so hip on being induced wks early though. This time I've been told...Our goal is to GET you to 38wks. Not...We'll most likely induce you at 38wks or we WILL induce you at 38wks. The idea of not getting to 38wks has me quaking in my boots.

I remember when I first went online and came in contact with other pregnant ladies. The amount of women getting induced boggled my mind. Then to see most of them WANTED to do it really sent me for a loop. I don't understand wanting/trying to have a baby at 36, 37, or 38wks because they were uncomfortable. The ones in the earlier weeks still leave me shaking my head. I could understand it if that was their normal pattern to birthing but most of the time it's not the case.

Am I not seeing something here? Has medical advances made it so that 36wk babies now are the same as 38 to 40wk ones years ago? How can people be so confident that encouraging a baby that early will turn out fine? In my day in the NICU is one day too many! Having had a 40wk baby with an initial APGAR score of 2, I can say it's a really scary and upsetting thing to experience. The increased possiblity of that happening again....I don't even want to think about it!

I don't know...maybe I haven't felt as uncomfortable as these ladies have. I tend to think that I have. Maybe I'm selfish...wanting to keep the baby all to myself too much to try to coax it out NOW. (I will admit to fleetingly wishing it here or there lol) Maybe I'm too lazy, seeing as it seems less work to carry the baby inside then to be up all night and try juggling a newborn's needs along with all the other kids at the same time. Maybe I'm too chicken...trying to avoid labor for as long as possible. LOL I guess I'm just going to have to accept that it's something I'll probably never understand. Chalk it up each his own and hope that if the ladies get their wish that everything goes well with them and their baby.

Enough thinking...onto how things are going for me. The heartburn is still relentless. I've found I'm not eating like I should and it's not a great thing. Because I'm not eating as often as I should...or as glucose levels have been low when I've checked them. Last night I realized I hadn't taken my insulin or even eaten dinner at 10pm (kids had fixed themselves mirco'ed eggs) was a 74! I wish I could have found something really yummy and fun to eat that I'd Edward's Key Lime Pie. But instead I had a bunch of boring not so fun things. Although I did have some green ice tea mix that I've been wanting but couldn't because it was presweetened. By the time I went to bed last night I'd had my insulin and my sugar was up to 160 an hour after injecting it. I woke up at a 69 again today. So I'm back to the same problem as last night. I think I need to go shopping for some yummy treats for me! Maybe I'll make some cookies or cake. LOL I'm hoping to keep to my eating schedule for the next week so I can see if this is a matter of how I'm eating or a decrease in my insulin needs.

My blood pressure continues to stay on the increased level, although it's not dangerously high. It was 136/82 this morning. I just have to make sure to watch it and lay a few times a day. Problem is I REALLY want to get this house going back in order!!! I ended up hanging outside with Tom last night while he planted our back flower garden (wildflower seeds didn't take like I knew they wouldn't). So no extra work got done here like I had planned on it happening. I'll have to get the kids moving before it gets too much later. At least it's going to be 10 degrees cooler here today. :o) We HAVE to get the pool liner in today/tonight! The forecast is for it to be back into the 90s by Friday. Drew also brought home my can of ceiling paint he borrowed. So I can start painting SOMETHING. What to do, what to do?

Oh and so much for sleeping in because it's summer vacation. I was up and alert before Tom's alarm went off at 6! I usually don't have to drag myself out of bed until 6:30 or 6:45. LOL Oh well, hopefully that means I'll have a looong and industrious day.

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S'te said...

After having 1 35 wkr and 1 36 wkr stay in the NICU on vents I can attest that babies born that early don't always do well. I was so excited this time to actually make it past 36 weeks and to have a nice healthy baby at 39 weeks. I shake my head at people who want their babies to come so early as they don't always forsee the consequences. The really sad thing is that some docs induce that early.