Friday, June 17, 2005

My 28wk dr appt...

Ok...I was only 27wks and 5 days...close enough! LOL

On Tues I'd gone and gotten some bloodwork done. (A1c and blood counts). I found out at my dr appt on Wed that I didn't get them all had to go get it redone on Wed. (CF screening, RH negative antibodies) I also got my Rhogam shot since I'm RH negative and Tom is RH positive. I'll also get another one within 72hrs after delivery if the baby is positive.

I lost 6lbs in the last 2wks! I'm down to 208...I haven't been under 210 in a while. The nurse announced my weight was 228 when she first looked at the scale. I said...are you sure!?!?! She saw that that meant a 14lb jump for me in a short time and rechecked. PHEW! The dr is ok with it and so am I! :oD He told me I could expect to lose 30lbs after delivery. I'm not sure if he meant because of delivery or given the fact that I continue following the diabetic diet. Either way...I'll gladly take it. I can't remember when I was under 180lbs!

My blood pressure was low....116/64. It wasn't even the low reading nurse that took it! The heartrate was 155...right around where it always was. She kept kicking and pushing back on the doppler and was playing...catch me if you can with the nurse when she was trying to find the heartrate. It was some of the biggest movements she's made in the last week or so. I was going to ask why the dr never measured how big I was. Before I could do it though he had measured me to be 27cm! So just about on target.

When talking about my glucose levels he asked if I had had any lows. I let him know I was chasing lows on Sunday including hitting 48 around my snack time. He decided to drop my insulin 2units on each dose. I haven't done it yet.

When I came back from getting the bloodwork done (had to have it completed before I could get my shot) the dr was sitting in the exam room looking over my chart again. He said...obviously pregnancy agrees with you. I said...yes, at least this one does! :o) He then had me bend over and gave me my rhogam shot in my tush. He's SO funny! HaHa! Olivia thought it was hilarious and had fun telling everyone what the dr did to me that day.

Wouldn't you know it, today hasn't been such a great day for my blood pressure. I'm hoping this isn't signs of things to come. Most of the day I got readings around 140/90. It did go down to really low like yesterday's dr office reading after I took a bit of a nap. Unfortunately it went back up into the 130's/90 again. I'm trying to make sure I lay down at least once a day. It's a bit hard considering the temperature has cooled down and I have so much I want/need to get done in preparation for Michelle's graduation party.

Oh yeah, and to add to everything....I've had heartburn constantly since Sunday!!! I'm popping antiacids left and right lately. Sleeping isn't so easy or fun.

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