Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello Summer....Goodbye School!!!

It's here! The last day of school! Woohooo! 5 kids (middle and elementary school kids) are now completely done with school. Valerie has a regents (state) test tomorrow morning. Michelle has to go to review courses all day tomorrow, Thursday will be a regents test in the morning and graduation practice in the afternoon. I'm not entirely sure if the girls will need rides to and from school the next few days or not. I also have R here...the girl down the street that catches the bus from our house. She'll be here today and tomorrow.

I'm reminded of my first ever blog entry when I write this. It was on the very same subject...last day of school I could just rewrite the post as it's all still true, but I won't. I'm SO looking forward to NOT doing the morning push out the door though! And yes, the kids are already doing schoolwork they've brought home. LOL

Unlike last year though I'm also looking forward to getting some semblance of order around this place! Yeah we'll be doing the first days of summer vacation cleaning. We'll also be more diligent in following our chore list. It worked really well during school breaks earlier in the year. I know once we get used to being back into the habit it'll go fine. This place is falling apart right now though and I can't really do too much of anything...especially bending over and picking up!

I finished the book...The Poisonwood Bible today. I hate how once I get into a book it's really hard for me to do anything else but read. So I'm glad it's done and over with. This meant I also didn't do anything I wanted to get done today. Tonight we'll be hitting bedrooms and then hopefully the main living area. We have some catching up to do and then it should be easy going for the one assigned to that area.

Last night Tom and I planted the front flower gardens. I guess I should say TOM planted them. I started to do it and found that working the shovel wasn't too easy for me. He started moving things around and putting in plants and just kept going. Of course I supervised him. Strike another thing off my grad party todo list. I'm hoping to start painting by the end of the week and have it all done in a week. I might be too ambitious though. I also want to start SEWING!!! It's getting to the point of no return for my maternity jumpers! LOL I'm aiming for Thursday to start that.

Pat got out of work early Monday, called Michelle and Val and told them to be ready to go to the beach. They got about halfway there when I got a phone call from Pat....his/our car was acting weird. He brought it home and I think it's the catalytic converter...oh joy! Looks like he'll be paying out some moola for that one. For now though he's driving MY van to work, AGAIN!

Tom's mom is HOME! She's still not feeling so great but I'm sure for her it's much better to be feeling like that in her own house. I talked to her on the phone briefly today, I'm hoping we can go in and see her really soon.

Well need to get off here if I'm going to get anything accomplished upstairs. How long will it be before I'm asking how many more days until school starts again? ;o)

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Lisa said...

I'm always thrilled when school is out. It's been a little over 2 weeks here and it's going too fast. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready for them to go back yet. I say NO WAY!